Increasing Metabolic Rate for Keeping Fit – Burning More Calories with a Higher Metabolism

Your Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories or energy at any given
time of day, at rest or during daily activities, etc

  • A High Metabolism :
    • Your body converts food into energy at a High Rate, Processing Calories and Energy from foods you intake and burning them as food and fuel for the body’s functions and needs
  • A Low Metabolism :
    • Your body converts food into energy at a low rate, it doesn’t need to burn a high amount of calories at rest or during daily activities to fuel its functions and needs

Factors which Influence Metabolic Rate are Factors which increase the Body’s Caloric Intake Requirement, or Need for Energy, Such As:

  • Getting Regular Exercise for 30 minutes -1 hour/day, but as much as several hours if you have the time
  • Vary Exercise between high intensity and fast paste, with a high heart rate, to slightly elevated heart rate continued for longer periods of time
  • Play sports for fun
  • Join work or community leagues, or organize regular sport times with friends
  • Waking up Early in the Morning
  • Going to Bed Early at Night
  • Getting Enough Sleep – At Least 6 Hours
  • Not Over-Sleeping / Not Sleeping Too Much – Not more than 8 hours
  • Sleeping Comfortably, in a Calm environment, with a Peaceful Mind
    • Avoid Prescription or OTC Drugs
    • Avoid Caffeine in Coffee or Tea or Soda Pop
    • Avoid Excess simple Sugars from candy, sweets, soda, etc
    • Sleep away from any electrical sources
      • recharge your phone in other rooms
      • unplug any power-strips
      • take any TV’s or computers or music players out of your bedroom
      • be sure the bedroom is clean and dust-free
      • be sure the room is dark and quiet
    • Go to bed 1 hour early and do some reading or writing to quiet your mind and unwind tensions before bed
  • Stay Mentally Healthy, Positive, and Happy
    • Be Positive and Energetic
    • Have an Optimistic & Energetic Outlook and Attitude on Life
    • Live a Clean, Happy Life free from problems
    • Be Healthy Minded, and have a Clean Mind
    • Meditate early in the Morning
    • Practice Tai Chi or other Meditative Martial Art Forms
    • Do Yoga
    • Have good relationships with others
    • Have a Healthy Family
    • Focus on Overall Happiness, Mental Health, and Emotional Well-Being
    • Don’t be argumentative
    • Let things go
    • Don’t worry
    • Let it be
    • Avoid Negative Energies in people or places or environments, including your own thoughts, opinions, outlooks, etc
    • Avoid People with Negative Outlooks, opinions, thoughts, etc
    • Avoid Judgments & Judging Others
    • Avoid people who judge others
    • Avoid Gossip
    • Avoid people who Gossip
    • Avoid uncomfortable Spaces, Places, Activities, and People which make you feel uncomfortable
  • Eating a Nutritious Whole Foods Diet with balanced Plant-based Macro-nutrients
  • Getting enough Micro-nutrients from a wide variety of whole fruits & vegetables
  • Eating a small, healthy, plain Breakfast without added sugars or fats or salts, within 1 hour of waking up
  • Eating Late at Night, No Eating 3 or 4 hours before bed time
  • Drinking Extra Water all day long
  • Eating 5 small meals per day, rather than 3 large ones
  • Not over-filling your Stomach, only eating until you are 75-80% of the way to feeling full
  • Keeping your Stomach partially Empty
  • Pyramid your meal sizes so more substantial meals are in the earlier part of the day & Let Meals get Smaller and smaller towards the End of the Day
  • Avoid Nutritionally Deficient foods like these:
    • Potato Chips
    • Snack sticks
    • Crackers
    • Cookies
    • Instant Noodles
    • Snack Foods
    • Packaged Snacks
    • Sweet Bread
  • Avoiding Simple Sugars like these:
    • Hard candy
    • Chewy Candy
    • Soda Pop
    • Fruit Juices
    • Anything with Corn-Syrup
  • Eat snacks of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables when you want a snack
  • Eat Whole rain Wheat or Rye Breads
  • Avoid White Bread
  • Avoid Sweet Pastry White breads
  • Eat Homemade Sweet Snacks like these:
    • Sweet Bean Soup
    • Sweet Potato Soup
    • Coconut Milk & Taro with Sago
    • Sweet Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk
    • Mango Desserts
    • etc
  • Avoiding all Narcotics and Mind-Altering Substances,
    • Avoid Caffeine, Nicotine, Alcohol, both Prescription, Psychiatric, &/or OTC
      Drugs, etc.They are only a temporary “quick-fix” to increase metabolism briefly, giving a temporary boost in energy, alertness, and positive outlook
    • They are followed by a More Permanent drop in Libido, Motivation, Happiness, Well-being, and Metabolic Activity
    • They also Lead to Mental & Emotional Instability, Sleeplessness, Mental
      Depression, Psychological Disorders
    • They also have a Negative Long-Term effect on your Overall Physiology &
      Central Nervous System (CNS)
  • Don’t watch TV or use computer for more than 1 hour per day, or never is better
  • Do hobbies instead of watching TV
  • Go out instead of staying home
  • Use your hands to create things instead of staring at a TV or Computer screen
  • Be Flexible, Limber, and Supple
    • Stretch your legs, arms, Shoulders, back, stomach and all muscles and
      joints in your body every morning and every night
  • Use High Amounts of Body Movement – Using Arms, Legs, & your Core Structure, throughout the day, including:
    • Standing
      • at your Job
      • on the Bus
      • on the Subway
      • cooking
      • etc
    • Walking
      • to work
      • home
      • grocery store
      • etc
    • Riding Bikes
      • Instead of Riding the Bus or Walking
      • For Fun Activity
      • Leisure
      • Shopping
    • Daily Activities
      • House Cleaning
      • Chores
      • Errands
      • etc
    • Exercise Routines – Daily, Weekly, etc
      • Team Sports
      • Solo Sports
      • Gym Regimens
      • Yoga
      • Martial Arts
      • Fitness Routines
      • Outdoor Games
      • etc
    • Physical Activities
      • Outdoor Hobbies
      • Indoor Hobbies
      • Home Projects
      • Arts & Crafts
      • Playing Musical Instruments
      • Singing
      • Dancing
      • etc
    • Body Positioning & Posturing
      • Sitting instead of lying down
      • Sitting Up instead of Sitting Back
      • Sitting on a Yoga Ball instead of a Chair
      • Standing instead of Sitting
      • Walking Confidently
      • Standing Confidently
      • Walking Fast instead of Walking Slowly
      • Speed Walking Instead of Walking
      • Skipping instead of Walking
      • Riding Bikes or Walking instead of Public Transportation or Driving
      • Sitting at the Edge of a seat instead of fully on the seat
      • Sitting on Firm Furniture rather than very Soft Furniture
      • Squatting instead of Sitting
      • Squatting instead of Bending Over
      • Sitting Up or Standing up with Stomach and Leg Muscle, rather than using your hands
      • Choosing to Use Muscles rather than no Muscle to do simple things
  • Set a Computer, Phone, or Watch Timer to get you up and moving for 5-10 minutes every hour
  • Use Squatting Toilets, wherever available, if available.

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