Quick Launch Customization

Here, I will show you how to get your quick launch to have custom fly-out folders, which look like this:


Instead of this:


(Once you’ve already Restored Quick Launch)

  • Right-click a blank area of your quick launch, but be sure not to click on any icons
  • Click “Open Folder” at the top
  • Make many new folders and name them into the categories you want your shortcuts to be in, something like I did above
  • Organize all of your icons into the different folders until all of your icons are in categorized folders
    • its ok to copy one icon into more than one folder, if the categories or its uses overlap
  • Leave any of the Icons you want to stay visible on the task bar at all times outside of the folders
  • Change your folder’s Icon (optional)
    • Right-click on the first folder you made and click on “Properties”:
    • Go to the Customize Tab > Change Icon
    • Browse to your Icons
    • Select an Icon you want the folder to appear as, Click OK, then Apply
    • Repeat this with all of the folders to give them all interesting Icons
  • Arrange your Quick Launch bar to put your programs you want to appear all the time, which arent in folders, to your far left, closest to the Start Button
  • Drag your folders around in the order you want them to appear, such as Alphabetical, or by content type, etc
  • Resize the Quick Launch bar so that all of the folders are hidden behind the “>>” button and your programs which aren’t in folders are still showing
  • Lock your Task Bar.
  • Access your Programs by just clicking the “>>” on the right of your first icons, then go up and select a folder, then launch your program

Important: Save the entire Quick Launch folder to a back up location on another drive so u can use it in the future, or transfer it to other computers etc

If you want to add new items, you need to:

  • Add it to the right-most icon in the task bar
  • Click the “>>”
  • Drag the top icon, which is the one you had permanently showing on the right, to the left of the new one.
  • Click on the “>>” again drag it to the folder you want to add it to, and let the folder fly out
  • Drag it anywhere with the other items in the folder
  • Next time you fly out that folder everything will automatically be categorized alphabetically

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