Rename Text & HTML Files using text from within the Document itself as the New Name

Download Here: Replace Pioneer

  • Instal & Run
  • Tools> Batch Runner
  • “Pick Files”
  • Check the box Set Output File Name
  • Type in ${FIRSTLINE}.txt into the box, or ${FIRSTLINE}{1,9} for only the first 9 characters, or ${FIRSTLINE}{lc}.txt for lowercase,
  • Put a “$” before each class, for example ${FILENAME}${FIRSTLINE}{lc} will add the first line of text to the end of the original file name, separated by a “.”
  • ${FILENAME}{1,-5} will keep the first character the first period, then delete the last 5 characters
  • put other characters like a “_” or a “.” or a “=” or “&” etc.. or leave a space before the “$” to add it in between classes, as in:
    • ${FILENAME}{1,-9}_${FIRSTLINE}{lc}
    • ${FILENAME}{1,-9}.${FIRSTLINE}{lc}
    • ${FILENAME}{1,-9} ${FIRSTLINE}{lc}
    • ${FILENAME}{1,-9}=${FIRSTLINE}{lc}
  • Use {replace,’abc’,’123′} to replace text in the file name, as in:
    • ${FILENAME}{1,-9} = ${FIRSTLINE}{replace,’Big’,’Bigger’} to change the word Big to Bigger
    • ${FILENAME}{1,-9} = ${FIRSTLINE}{replace,’_’,”} to delete all “_” in the file name
  • Click “Apply”
  • Click “File Rename”

Its totally customizable, you can choose 2nd or 3rd line, or specific number of characters or words from each line, etc..

It can also replace text in PDF’s and Word Fields

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