Should You Switch to WordPress? User Experience, Quality of Service, & Drawbacks

Annoying, isn’t it?^

I have finally moved my blog from the International Servers in China where it was, to here on ‘muricun WordPress, since the Blog Service I was using shut down after quite a long run, longer than most. I’m happy to have saved some of it, albeit probably only 25% of everything I’ve put on it. I was only able to save it just because I decided on a whim to run an Acrobat Site Crawl and Convert all my posts to PDF, and that was quite a long time ago. That PDF became corrupted, and I barely managed to save it. WordPress has been blocked in China for a very long time by the Great Fire Wall of China, so I haven’t really been able to learn much about it til now.

WordPress Drawbacks:
And not just a normal Ad here and there, they Spam your blog with an unbelievable amount of Ads, an insane amount. Its actually quite Malicious, as if your worst enemy was posting ads on your site.

They are Animated Ads, seizure-inducing ads, as well as full-on spammy videos which auto-play. Here is an image I screenshotted from my phone, that had SO MANY ads, they couldn’t even all fit on the screen. The top one is an auto-playing video, the others as annoying as possible


Most of the ads I’ve seen are actually dishonest scams, click-bait, cheating people and outright lies and trolls. The worst kinds of ads in existence, that you find on the shadiest of websites. Many are just down-right offensive. They have those fake doctors begging you to stop eating vegetables. They have the ones where if you don’t click it right now, you’re going to die of a terrible disease. Its as if those people who send those annoying chainmails got hired to annoy people everywhere on the web, not just on email, but especially on WordPress.

I reported a few ads over, and over and over, for weeks, and I kept seeing them.

I really don’t know if I can handle it, we’ll see. They are trying to very forcefully coerce you into making monthly payments, which I haven’t done since I started blogging in 1995. I guess their free blog is kind of a trial thing, where you can try it out, but not really enjoy it, and you’ll be overly-hassled and annoyed, and worse yet, so will everyone who visits your site.

I mean, aside from dedicating a considerable amount of free time developing and writing content which drives traffic and increases revenue for WordPress, they also REAAALLLYY want you to pay. Desperately. So they just shamelessly abuse that by putting on really shady, really troll-y click-bait and those blatant lies that can’t be called advertising at all, and just more like some scam from some kid with Adobe Flash and a few moments to kill before mom calls him upstairs for a cheese sandwich, crust removed.

So, its really adding insult to injury, and rather feels like a form of slavery or something. Way too desperate and grabby.

I have heard WordPress is behind around 25% of America’s websites. Which brings up another question in my mind. What role did WordPress play in HTML5, and removing all of the design tags from HTML completely? By extricating all that HTML from HTML5, they are able to separate functionality. WordPress gives you HTML to use, but you can’t use any CSS. In HTML5, that’s the equivalent of giving you a plastic spoon, but withholding the tapioca pudding unless you pay. You can’t do much without CSS in HTML5, which is most definitely by design. What they have done is actually monetize HTML! HTML, since the time it was first released, gave you an amazing amount of control and flexibility, you could do anything, really. When CSS came out, it was to add additional functionality to HTML. Now they’ve just gutted HTML, raped it, really, and left it as a useless shell of its former self, so that people could make money from it. And who is making more money from it that WordPress? Thus, I’m sure WordPress’s hand was in the center of HTML5 from the beginning, from conception, with the sole intention of making money from it.

The reason they give is “hey CSS is about Style & Formatting, and so it BELONGS in CSS all this time, before CSS was created”

But what they don’t understand is that Font Styles and Formatting and very different from Layout Styles & Page Formatting. All the desktop Publishing Software has the two types of Formatting completely separate. Its Separate in Adobe InDesign. Its separate in Photoshop. They are literally NOT EVEN RELATED! Yet all you hear from the HTML5 zealots who make websites and have no design aesthetic whatsoever, is that “HEY its called ‘FORMATTING, STYLES’, its right in the word”. It doesn’t make any sense at all, hence, there must be a subversive element behind the gutting of HTML.

And they have very meticulously crafted the available templates for your site to be exactly missing features. all the free ones, all of them have very obvious, very annoying design flaws that they have implemented just to bother the hell out of you, even going so far as to completely break the bullets formatting in many templates, rendering them unusable for the English Language.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes, I may end up jumping out of country again.

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