Sweet Taro & Sago Dessert With Bananas – Filipino Cebuano Binignit / Ginataan


  • Taro Root 芋头
  • Orange Sweet Potato or Yam 番薯
  • Purple Sweet Potato 番薯
  • Cassava / Yuca 木薯
  • White Yam 淮山
  • Sugar
  • Dash of Salt
  • Sago 西米
  • Glutinous Rice Balls (Optional, added in with Sago)
  • Greenish-Yellow Banana or Plantain, cut into rectangle pieces
  • Coconut Milk
  • Jackfruit 大树菠萝 Cut into Strips (Optional)


  • Choose 3 of these Starchy Vegetables to use, Taro and 2 others, or use them all if you like:
    • Taro Root, Cassava / Yuca, White Yam, Orange Sweet Potato or Yam, Purple Sweet Potato
      • The Best three-choice is both Taro & Purple Sweet Potato, plus either Orange Sweet Potato or Cassava
      • The Best four-choice is Taro, Purple Sweet Potato, Orange Potato, and Either Cassava or White Yam
  • Wash & Peel the Starchy Vegetables, and Cut them into cubes
  • Cover the Taro with clean water and boil until about half-way done, then add the other Sweet Potatoes or Yams and continue boiling them all together until they are all soft, add more water if necessary
  • Cook Sago in Some filtered water until its transparent, and the liquid is somewhat thick
  • When the root vegetables are almost tender, adjust the water to be the amount of liquid you feel is appropriate for the amount of root vegetable you are using , minus the water you will add with the sago
  • Add the Sago and the liquid to the Root Vegetables and mix well
  • Add Sugar & Salt; Cook until the Sugar is dissolved
  • Add Coconut Milk and long Banana pieces, and Jackfruit Strips (if used)
  • Simmer until all ingredients are hot and mixture is thick
  • Eat it as a great hot snack in the wintertime or a great refrigerated snack in the summer time
  • If you want to chill it faster, you can dish it up into bowls or glasses and place them
  • *If using Plantain, put them in earlier in cooking with the root vgetables


  • To make Glutinous Rice Balls, put Glutinous Rice Flour (糯米粉) in a bowl with a little salt, add just enough water to form a soft pliable dough, and roll it into little round balls 1-2 cm big, drop them into boiling water when the Sago is near done
  • Put the Banana in at the same time as the Sago or Tapioca and stir it well, so that the Banana dissolves and becomes imparted into the entire dish, rather than as a separate flavor

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