Chinese & English Pangrams+

Just kidding, there’s no such thing as a 100,000 Character Pangram!

But this is what we call a Pangram for Typing & Font Selection in Chinese Fontography

The following is even more useful than a Pangram, in Chinese, because every character in the text below has a separate Simplified and Traditional form

  • 这个肥头龙刚刚从东边飞来韩国开战!
  • 听说妈妈学习画画后,会爱乱买卖贵艺术。

This one is to help find out which fonts are complete, it will alternate characters in the font with a different font every other character for incomplete fonts:

囡団在奺圩奻圪圫圬屼圭扡圮弐圯朸地圱因圲圳圴团圵囟圶回圷囝圸 圹帇

And this one is for more rare character incompleteness:


Here are some of my English Pangrams, some with different punctuation, which is helpful:

Wizards Vex: “Quit & Begone ‘Shy Cops’, (jk)” in Film!?

The Navy Squire forged a blazing wax muck-up?

Quiznos Judges Private Batch of Waxy Milk!

Bad John Quickly Gave Up Frosted Waxy Maize.

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog.

Just use this text in the Options menu of your Favorite Font Viewer

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