How to Set Up a Fan in your Screened-in Vehicle

Here is how we set up our fan to blow cool air all night long, when sleeping in really warm areas, inside of our Screened-In Vehicle


We use a really great Battery-Operated Fan that runs on Four D-Size Batteries, and it lasts us usually about a week, we usually end up turning it off at some point during the night.

We use our Roof Rack, but you could tie it directly to your Luggage Rack, or even all the way around your roof back through the opposite side if you didn’t have anything to attach it to.

We attached a Zip Tie through the slats in the rear of the fan unit, so we can easily tie into the fan.

We also tied a loop through the top center of the front of the fan.

  • Just open your door up first
  • Attach the top loop on the front of the fan slats to the top rack with some Paracord at a height where it sits right i front of the open window.
  • Then just tie the rear Zip Tie up to the rack with the remaining Paracord, lifted to an angle that blows down on where you’re sleeping.
  • Close your doors
  • You can then put on your screens
  • And you now have a great, powerful fan, blowing fresh night air right down on you all night long


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