Insect Window Screens for your Vehicle

Here’s how we made our full set of Window Screens for our SUV, so we could have our Front & Rear windows all the way down, and our rear hatch completely open, with our feet hanging out. and not get a single mosquito inside.
Things you need:

  • The smallest Screen gap size you can find for your home screens. We used two big rolls, the longest & tallest ones we could find
  • Automotive Masking Tape
  • Duct Tape
  • Binder Clips
  • A large roll of 1″ thick Magnetic Tape, Can be found in Professional Supply Places in large rolls. We used one Roll for the whole vehicle
  • Iron Sheers or something to cut the magnetic strip very cleanly
  • 1-1/2″ ribbed Nylon Ribbon, I think we used 2-3 Rolls of it
  • 1″ Elastic Banding
  • Large Silicon-encased Gear Ties, we needed 2 of them, your may differ
  • A Stack of 1″ Diameter Rare Earth Magnets (we use a mix of 1/2″ and 1″ disc magnets)
  • Several Feet of Zipper
  • Sewing Machine


  • Cut your Screen a few inches larger than your rear windows. Hold it to your vehicle with the Masking Tape, as pictured below.
  • Lay out your magnet and decide where the flattest, best place for it to lay will be. Cut your Magnetic strip tight against each other piece of magnetic strip, so there are no gaps.
  • Hold the Magnetic pieces to the screen with small strips of Duct Tape, and hold the magnetic strips to each other with some Duct Tape as well, as pictured below.
  • Remember the side you are doing this on will ultimately be for the opposite side of the vehicle
  • Leave the screen in place, and repeat with the rest of the rear side windows, and sun roof, if you have one.


  • When it comes to the Front Window Side Mirrors, make the screen larger than the mirror, and cut it below the mirror, and pinch the two sides together with several Binder Clips to hold it in the right place completely encasing the mirror in a screen pocket, as pictured below


  • For the Rear Hatch, you’ll want to stretch your Elastic banding out over the top of the weather stripping til its a snug stretch, and cut it at that length. Repeat with the bottom of the hatch.
  • You will have elastic strip on the top and the bottom of the opening, that just stretches a few inches.
  • Immediately after the Elastic, you’re going to have to see what space your vehicle has for placing a combination of magnetic strip, and 1″ dot magnets, and leave extra screen in those places for your magnets to attach, on the outside of the ribbon strip
  • You will sew ribbon along the entire sides, and you will sew your Rubberized Gear ties into the strip, between the ribbon and screen.
  • For the Xterra here, the Gear Ties are being pinched tightly between the Rear Lights and the metal beneath the weather Stripping, in a long S formation from above the light to below the light.
  • You can see where we placed Doubled Up Dot Magnets and strip magnets where space allowed.
  • The Screen was rolled around the Hatch, as if to make a large tube.
  • The tube was fitted with another large piece of screen at its end, and everything was sewn up in ribbon.
  • The top corners at the outside end had a single elastic band sewn between them that could slide over the hatch and keep everything up.
  • We then sewed a zipper from one side, all the way across the bottom that can be easily unzipped & zipped up to get in and out of the vehicle.



  • When you are ready to use them, just flatten the strip around the window on the flat surfaces they were made for.
  • Be sure no gaps or curves pop up
  • Place all your Magnetic dots evenly spaced around the inside of the ribbon strip, with equal numbers over each window
  • For the Rear hatch:
    • Stretch the top over the top corners, then pull the bottom over the bottom corners
    • Hang up the elastic strap over the hatch
    • Mold the Rubberized Gear Tie Section into its place and bend it the right directions to follow the opening
    • Place all the Magnetic dots and strips on all the flaps of extra screen around the opening
    • Unzip the opening and crawl in!


  • Fold the rear Hatch opening in half through the elastic bands and Lay down flat between the carpet and the bedding, being sure any magnetic strips lay flat. Carefully fold remaining screen so it lays nice and flat
  • Lay the four side windows down flat and set ontop of the Hatch screen being sure the magnetic strips lay flat.
  • Then fold your bedding back down over the top of them.
  • Stack all of your Magnetic dots and keep them in a little zipper pouch and keep them out of the way of anything electronic, and away from any IC chips or magnetic card strips etc

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