Rear Privacy Curtains for your SUV


Here is how we made our rear privacy curtains that flow and let in a lot of light and fresh breeze, so you can just let you chill with the back open and get some nice breeze blowing in while still giving you a decent degree of privacy. Its also a great portable dressing room.

Once you make it, you can set it up and take it down in under a minute!

This method works great together with the Rear Screen box we created or just used on its own.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Natural un-dyed Linen Sheets with a lower Thread Count, They have a slightly coarse natural fiber texture and let a lot of light through, we found the perfect set at Ikea. Or you can use Natural Hemp or something similar.
  • Paracord
  • 2 tiny aluminum D-clips
  • a Luggage Rack or something on your roof (can be worked around)

Step 1, Making the Curtain:

  • First, Sew your Linen into 3 Curtains: two Side Curtains and a Rear Curtain
  • Make the rear Panel 6 or so inches longer
  • Hem all of the edges
  • Make a sleeve along the top edges for the Curtain Panels to slide along the paracord on

Step 2, The Two Loops:

  • Next, Make two equally-size loops of Paracord, by just putting the two loose ends together and making a single overhand knot for each loop.
  • Put one loop on the rear right side of your rack and run the end of the loop around and through itself, and pull it out so the loop is tight. Repeat with the Left side.
  • Pull each loop over the each corner of the Hatch, as pictured below.
  • Tie the loop so that its very snugly fit over that hatch and has to be slightly stretched to be removed.
  • Make a second knot about an inch past the last knot, so you have a tiny loop at the end of your big loop, as pictured below. Trim the ends off. Repeat with the other side.

Step 3, Sleeving the Curtain:

  • Run your Paracord through all 3 curtain panels, being sure your hems are facing inwards and you have them in the right order.
  • On both sides of the rear panel, attach a small D-clip, and create an over-hand knot around them so they are each tied into place at the exact same distance apart as the little loops which are hanging down from the big loops attached to the hatch.
  • You want them to stretch out to the sides and just barely clip in to the loops, to help keep the loops tight as well.

Step 4, Hanging the Curtain:

  • Clip the D-clips into the loops hanging above.
  • Run the opposite loose ends coming from the side panels, up under the hatch and directly through the hinge on both sides.
  • Grab the Paracord from above as it comes through the Hinges and tie it off to your rack, wherever you like, as pictured below.


Your Free-flowing, Breezy Privacy curtains (or dressing room) are now ready to be enjoyed!


This is very easy to take apart.

  • Pull the quick release on the curtain strings and Unclip the D-clips from the loops
  • Stack the curtain panels by the folding the side panels over the back panel, then fold them all up and roll them up small
  • Pull out the two Big loops from the rack and wrap them around the curtain roll. It stores very small, literally anywhere it can be kept clean and dry.

**If you don’t have a rack on top, you can just run some paracord around your vehicle by opening the rear doors and running it over an through the vehicle. You can just tie off into that, or even make some additional loops coming out of the sides you can clip into with extra clips or something.

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