Transparent Image Tracing Applications

Option 1:

Custom Desktop Logo 2.0 is  a powerful little program that can overlay images on Multiple monitors. It has the options available to make it great for tracing, and very stable. It a Portable program too, meaning it doesn’t even need to be installed

  • Download Custom Desktop Logo 2.0
  • Unzip it and create a shortcut of the .exe file and place it somewhere useful, such as your restored quicklaunch
  • Double-click to run the program – A Coca cola logo will appear on the bottom right of your desktop
  • Save the image you want to trace as a PNG file, and place it in its own folder without any other PNG files in the folder.
  • Double-Click the Green circle in the Notification Area on the  right of your task bar, and set it up as follows:
    • Select Images Tab
      • Change Image Folder > select your single image PNG folder.
    • Location Tab
      • Z-level > Topmost
      • Location > Center
      • Location Offset > X=0, Y=0 (adjust X & Y if you want it in a specific location
    • Size Tab
      • Move the slider til its the size you want.
    • Animation/Graphics Tab
      • Opacity, around 50 or whatever you want
  • Now Open your Drawing program and set it where you want to draw and start tracing
  • Leave the Options Panel open to the Animation/Graphics Tab so you can Adjust opacity as you go


Option 2:

Peek Through by Luke Payne is a very small, free utility that can turn any window you are looking at transparent, and allow click-throughs for tracing, etc. It seems less stable than the above method.

  • Download Peek Through
  • Copy the Shortcut to the program somewhere useful
  • Open your Drawing Stage in your drawing program
  • Open your Image in your image viewing program
  • Drag your image to the location you want it over your drawing pad, so it fits completely
  • Launch Peek Through, set it up as follows:
    • Hot Key Tab
      • WinKey + F2
    • Transparency Tab
      • Medium High
    • Options Tab
      • Allow Click Through of Transparent Windows
      • Disable start on windows launch
  • Click on your image window & hit Win+F2
  • You can now draw right through the image.
  • You cant move the image while click through is activated or even select the program, but you can move the drawing pad below it to the right spot, then click on the Image viewer’s Icon in the Task Bar to bring it to the front
  • Hit Win+F2 again to restore the Window to normal
  • You’ll have to click the program in the task bar & then hit the Hot Key combination to restore windows if you lose focus
  • You may need to change the Hot Key Back and Forth between two combinations, but I’ve found you can generally ignore the error.

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