Fighting for Clean Water: The Daily Battle for Your Health

Not surprisingly, more and more testing of neighborhood drinking water pops up in the news with findings of lead, copper, mercury and all kinds of other metals and pollutants.

Here’s what I’ve learned, living in developing countries, where the tap water is absolutely unsafe. I’ll offer these tips, which we use today, in America.

Its a daily battle, one easily won with the right strategies.

  • Rule #1 is to treat all tap water like its toxic. Period.
  • Treat unboiled water like its especially toxic.
  • Only Boil tap water that is not to be ingested directly.
  • Acceptable reasons to Boil Tap water include boiling things which will be strained or removed, such as boiling pasta or potatoes, or wontons etc
  • After removing the items from boiling water, don’t rinse them in tap water. This usually means boiling in a larger pot, using more water, so it doesn’t become too starchy and require rinsing.
  • Any vegetables you wash in tap water should either be peeled, wiped thoroughly with a towel or paper towel, or be put through a salad spinner.
  • If you’re making a Salad, either rinse with purified water, or run through a salad spinner, then wipe thoroughly with a paper towel
  • If you’re eating Grapes or something, keep a paper towel nearby to wipe each grape off carefully
  • If eating berries, just wash in Purified water, and don’t use tap water at all
  • If you’re going to cook the vegetables in a sauce, blanch them after washing, and before adding them to your dish, then use filtered water for your sauce
  • If you’re not going to eat the liquid, you can just drain the cooked vegetables from the stir fry or braising liquid
  • Use only Bottled Water for anything not removed or strained from the water, such as making rice and grains that absorb all the water, making soup with a broth you will drink, sweet soup, desserts, hot cereals, drinks, teas, coffees, etc
  • Use a Bottled Water service, and get on their top-tier plan, with their cleanest Water
  • Opt to get your vitamins and minerals through supplements, rather than through inferior water that has not undergone extensive purification.
  • Get your flavor in water by adding Citrus slices, Cucumber slices, Fresh Herbs, and Berries etc, rather than a mineral content from water that hasn’t been purified.
  • Order several bottles of water per week, and don’t be afraid to use it in all of your cooking.
  • Get a water machine that has Hot and cold waters
  • Be sure you use a service that will bring you a newly cleaned water machine to replace your current one whenever you request it, for free, as the water lines and pumps become unclean, recommended every 6 months
  • Use filtered water in your steamers and double boilers, to protect your pans from mineral damage.
  • When you shower, don’t put the water in your mouth, or at least be sure not to accidentally let any drip down your throat
  • After your shower, rinse and gargle with purified water, then sptit it out
  • Don’t brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with tap water, get a cup of purified water before brushing your teeth
  • Brush your teeth with just Purified water after you brush & rinse with Tooth Paste
  • When you’re swimming, and you get some in your mouth, be sure to rinse and gargle with your bottle of purified water kept at the end of your lane, and spit it out in the drain
  • Gargle & swish with Mouthwash whenever impure water lingers in your mouth.
  • Gargle & Swish your mouth with purified water after you gargle with mouth wash or brush your teeth, to be sure no fluoride or chemicals get down your throat.
  • Well water is also unsafe, due to the large number of wells sharing the same aquifer, any spill into a well poisons the water for everyone, any rain in any well does the same. Even if you have clean water at the aquifer, your pipes and pumps are all making it unsafe, and none of those can ever be flushed to rid them of the bio-film or the heavy build up of minerals which can lead to kidney stones etc

Its really not much of an effort or expense. You can supply your monthly water expense by simply not going out to dinner one time, so don’t be afraid to use it for everything.

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