Converting a Word Document to an Image File

You don’t want to use online document converters, as those are really just Data Mills, designed to harvest your information and use or sell the content you upload.

Beware of most “Free Tools” as well, as most either put a watermark or logo on your finished image (which makes them a Demo, and not a free program), or they tell you they are needing to charge you after installation.

When converting to an Image, you usually just need one page per image, and usually just one to a few images, but sometimes you may need many. We’ll address both.

Here are a few of my methods:

Free Methods

xps2img (Best Method):

  • Save your Word Doc as an XPS (Microsoft’s own version of a PDF)
  • Download the free & Opensource Program “xps2img” from SourceForge
  • Install the Exe file, and select “Portable” as the install option if you want it to run anywhere, even from a USB key
  • Open the Program
  • Drag and drop your XPS file to the Stage
  • Click on “Image Prefix Includes Document Name” and select the green check mark
  • Change the DPI to 300, or as high as you want.
  • You can click “PNG” and select between PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF & TIFF, if you need to
  • If you want to get rid of extra white space from the margins, change “Crop White Margins” from No to Yes
  • Leave the rest of the default options the way they are
  • Click Convert
  • By Default, the new images will be saved in a sub-folder in the current directory.

– Excellent Small Portable Opensource Software
– Essential for anyone working with XPS files anyway
– Multiple Image Format Output Options, including TIFF for best quality
– Can keep the Original File Name
– Can Output Multiple Pages at the same time to individual Image Files
– Can Auto Select the Output Folder for you to current directory
– Completely Free
– Supporting the XPS standard and its usage helps build its user base and grow XPS, to someday hopefully replace PDF as the best Shareable Document Format.
– Native to Microsoft Office
– Up to 2,350 DPI!
– Can utilize all of your processor’s cores, to complete large tasks lighting fast

– None, its awesome!




  • Save your Word Doc as a PDF
  • Open your PDF in Opera Browser
  • Right-Click the PDF and select “Rotate Clockwise”
  • Hit F11 to enter Full-screen
  • Zoom in and arrange the Page you want to convert to an Image as large as possible
  • Hit Ctrl+Shift+5 to begin a Snapshot
  • Drag the Snapshot area to just inside the border of the page
  • Click the Blue Capture Button in the bottom right corner
  • Click the ‘Save Image’ button
  • Open the image in an image editing program, such as FastStone Image Viewer
  • Rotate it upright, and save as the format of your choice.

– Doesn’t need any special software
– Free
– Pretty easy if you’re just doing one image
– FastStone is a Powerful Viewer/Editor that can easily resize & convert your images to most any format (including back to PDF)

– Have to do each page manually if you are doing multiple pages
– PNG is the only output option available from Opera (But its the best format to work with, imo)
– The Export needs to be rotated in another program
– Have to manually type in the file name
– Have to manually select the save location
– Screenshot Quality, even though by rotating it sideways, making it full screen and zooming in as much as possible, we get a very high-quality image, its still a screenshot, but may not be noticeable, depending on your use.


Other Browsers:

IE & Chrome can both open PDF directly, the newest Firefox doesn’t. You can hit F11 for full screen, then just screenshot the entire webpage, then go through and crop each page out, or use a capture extension with a scrolling selection, but those sometimes don’t work on PDFs

You could also flip your monitor’s orientation to Portrait in your Graphics Card Settings and capture a full size document that way, if you like

IE can also open XPS files directly, so you could capture a full webpage, or scrolling area select the document there, same as the PDF.




If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro or Photoshop, you can just save your Word Doc to PDF, then open it in either of those programs and save it as the image file of your choice.

– Completes the Task Relatively Easily

– Have to do each page manually in Photoshop
– Gigantic Programs that have to open, which consume a lot of resources
– A lot of Disk Space Required
– Perpetual Payment Licensing Agreement that you will pay for forever
– Very Expensive.
– Have to support Adobe and Acrobat, over the XPS standard, which needs your support, and is native to Microsoft Office


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