Beyond Burger @ Carl’s Jr.


Well, I must say that this is a Game Changer. Not the fact that its a good vegan burger, but the fact that it’s carried by such a big National Fast Food Chain.

When ordered without Cheese or Mayo, it’s completely vegan. Their Special Sauce is a Vegan mix of Ketchup & Relish. You can also have them put Yellow Mustard & /or Barbecue Sauce on it. Their Buffalo Sauce is also Vegan. You can even have naturally vegan Regular or Cross-cut French Fries with your burger, since they don’t spray their French Fries with left over dead cow parts like the utilitarian McDonald’s does.

We found a Carl’s Jr attached to a Gas Station in the middle of the desert with no other Vegan options around, so we gave it a try. We’ve not been to a fast food restaurant in years. This was also first time even trying a Beyond Meat patty. This was so good, we’ve been three times this week. Its not priced above their meat items, and is actually a bit cheaper even, as it should be.

Anyway, even if you eat meat, try this Beyond Burger at Carl’s Jr, promise you won’t miss a thing, and you’ll be helping out our planet, its animals, and our resources in the process, all whilst giving your heart and body a break from the saturated fats.

As always, avoid the “Combo Meal Deal” for a gigantic diabetes-inducing fountain soda, and just ask for some Water cups. You’ll save yourself twenty cents just getting the Beyond Burger & a Large order of French Fries, rather than upgrading to the Combo Deal. I think its quite proven that most of the harm from fast food comes from the Soda Pop and Saturated Fats. So, you finally have a very reasonably healthy Fast Food Choice which tastes just as good as the options which kill you.

We’re looking forward to trying our first Impossible Burger when it comes to Burger King, which we’ve heard is already being introduced as of April 1st ’19 to one store in St. Louis MO

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