US 2016 Election Map vs US Population Map

The following are brief overlay animations I made from the following 3 maps:

  • The U.S. 2016 Presidential Election Map from Politico, the Darker the Red, the more in favor of Trump they voted. The Darker the Blue, the more Anti-Trump they voted.
  • The Population Map from Business Insider, which has just 2 shades of Purple. The Few Dark Purple spots are where over Half of the U.S. Population resides. The Light purple is where the other Half of America resides
  • The Voter Turn Out Map from the Cooper Center,with several shades of Purple to white. Its only shown in the second Animation. The Darkest shade of Purple is >70% turn out, then 60-70% for next darkest, then 50-60% for the next, and then the lightest color is <50% turn out. It didn’t have data for Alaska & Hawaii, unfortunately.

This map animation shows us just how broken American democracy is by the Electoral College and the Gerrymandering, and also shows us the problems with having such low voter turn out.



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