Sons of Anarchy & The Walking Dead – The Brutal Disregard of Asians | Racism & The True Irish


On Both SOA & TWD, the most violent and brutal scenes, possibly in television history, were perpetrated against Asian men.

In TWD, Glenn Rhee (portrayed by Asian American Steven Yeun) is killed in perhaps the most brutal display in the history of television. Honestly, I haven’t watched the show since Glenn died, but Glenn was the only Asian in the show, and was also the most brutally murdered, WAY beyond what is even appropriate for television without and explicit warning and an agreement to consent to viewing like you get on IG.

Are Asians being targeted because they don’t have a large organization and group of people who would get upset, like if that happened to a black person? If it happened to a black person, that would be obviously nothing but racism. It would appear to be nothing more than some little confederate KKK member living out his wildest fantasy on tv.

So, I think they may be using Asians to live out their hate-crimes fantasies and air their lustful hate crimes and racist murders on television. This is definitely something coming from the Southern States, people who still murder people for their race, or passionately wish they could, as a point of culture and pride. The problem is that the rest of us elsewhere in America have to watch it.

In SOA, Jackson Teller’s mom, Gemma Teller, meets Chris Dun (a Chinese Triad played by Asian-American actor Tim Park), and has a small but meaningful conversation with him, where she learns he’s actually a really good person. She then tells her son Jax that he was the guy who murdered Jax’s Wife, to cover up the fact that it was actually Gemma herself who murdered her. The story was that Gemma saw someone running around outside the house in the dark, and somehow saw that it was clearly this specific Triad member.

First of all, if you’re making up such a story, having a specific person to try and pin it on is not nearly as effective as having a vague unspecified mysterious person that can never be found. Of course Jax, a phenomenally dumb character, who the writers make unrealistically stupid, carries on a long monologue with Chris Dunn who is bound and gagged and unable to respond. Had he been able to speak a word, I’m sure it would have been “I was out of the state when that happened”. But Jax had other plans, plans which didn’t involve finding out any sort of truth regarding his Wife’s death.

So the Murder scene unfolds, in segments, starting with torture in what was portrayed as hours long. He then rubbed Salt in his wounds, which I found funny. Chinese people from China don’t even get anesthetic before root canals, and the dentists and dental assistants in China all laughed at me and called me a weak crybaby American for wanting to pay the extra money for Novocaine injections, which they only use for little kids. I don’t think you’re getting a rise out of them by putting some iodized table salt on a cut.

But it finally ended when he grabbed some sort of instrument and shoved it in through the top back of his head, after slowly massaging the spot on the head he was going to stab. He stuck it in while he was standing behind him with as much force as he could muster, and then was moving it around side to side and back and forth inside of his head.

It was an extremely brutal, premeditated, viciously violent murder, the most personal, hateful, malevolent and violent murder in television’s most violent and bloody tv series; and it was perpetrated specifically against an Asian. They wouldn’t dare do that to a black person because it would just be too obvious what they are doing, living out thier murder fantasies of white superiority and the slave days of times past. This is basically everything Pepe the Frog embodies. He pops up whenever there is violence and hate against minorities, or some aspect of Southern Racist culture that is getting away with a grave injustice, or thinking about perpetrating one.

The series is extremely racist, and has a strong similarity to the southern Racists in the American South and Boston, who justify most of their racism by claiming its Irish and the Irish way of life, which it’s definitely not. They Use Ireland, and even use Tommy Flanagan as the Irish SAMCRO member Chibs Telford (played by Scottish actor Tommy Flannigan) who, after eschewing racism in seasons 1-5, suddenly becomes a racist extremist in Season 6 and beyond. There was a major shift in plot and writing and direction which suddenly had every member backtracking on everything they previously said and did in previous seasons, just to be more specifically racist and hateful of not-white people. Some racist saw an opportunity and the white trash side took over and changed the entire thing from subtle racism, to outright hateful racism, instantly and completely, speaking to definite internal change in direction.

This insta-shift was particularly apparent in the interaction between Juice Juan-Carlos Ortiz (played by Multi-ethnic Theo Rossi), and the Irish Chibbs, which just did a complete 180 out of nowhere, just to be more racist. Juice was targeted and attacked by the writers/producers to simply be the target of racism. His unforgivable sin was talking too much Oxycotin and talking to Gemma’s BF Nero (played by Latin-American Jimmy Smits), a friend of the club who’s done a lot for Jax & the Club, about why killing an innocent girl & mother, a dear friend of Nero’s, sent him into a downward spiral. Jax lied to Nero and said he didn’t have her killed. Jax got very poopy when he got outed for murdering an innocent girl, and, rather than handle it like a man, decided Juice had to be murdered. Chibbs, who had nearly cried on a few occasions for Juice over other, more serious things, now became the Irish face of Racism, taking the brunt of responsibility for Racism in SOA, because he was Irish, with an Accent (He’s actually Scottish with a Scottish Accent).

The show used Ireland and the Irish to push a very hateful, hurtful racist agenda, while the show itself used almost exclusively Scottish and English actors & actresses to portray the Irish, which is a sham of epic proportions, and a real shame.

Most of the racist ‘Irish’ are American-born, and usually not even 100% Irish, speak no Gaelic, and have no real connection to Erin’s Isle at all, outside of getting drunk and singing Danny Boy and calling that close enough.

There was recently on Netflix a Southern Racist Ventriloquist (that’s an actual thing) who has an angry racist confederate puppet, who did a special in Ireland, because he thought he’d be in good racist company. His racism was very poorly received by an appalled audience who were just trying to be polite to an American. Most of the audience was in complete shock and couldn’t believe what they were hearing. In his tiny little mind, however, Ireland would be the perfect place to be racist, because he no doubt thought that everyone there was racist, and that it was only in America where he wasn’t free to be as racist as he wants to be. He just ended up being seen as remarkably offensive and stupid by both the Irish and the Americans, and an embarrassment to America.

The Confederate puppeteer seemed genuinely ignorant to the reality of Ireland and the Irish. Irish are great social drinkers. If you drink with the Irish and start spouting off Racist banter, they’re being polite in laughing with you, trying to make you feel happy. it is not the true Irish heart to be a hateful racist. In fact, of all the European cultures, Irish have historically been the ones most able to identify with and bond with Native people in Native cultures. This is owing to their Celtic Origins and culture, a playful, very Native , very free-spirited, beautiful, loving, and mighty warrior culture. They were often shunned by the Anglicans, and are to this day. They were often treated by the Anglicans the way Chinese or African people were treated by the Anglican-Americans. There were signs that read “No Irish or Dogs”, like there were that read “No Chinese or Dogs” or “No Blacks or Dogs”, etc.

The Irish were actually one of the few types of Europeans who could have no conflict or personal hatred towards the Native Americans, Asians, or Hawaiians, or Africans when coming to America in the early days. Irish weren’t a people who oppressed or hurt others malevolently.

The Celtics were a very Tribal people, Tribal in every way, in the truest sense of the term. Their belief in the Ancient Gods, their bond with Nature and Creation, their Tribal Tattoos which held much power and meaning, their artworks and relics which were very meaningful to the spirit. The Celtic Tribal Warriors conqured most of Europe, with ease, and were actually the reason the French and other countries began to develop heavy armor and shielding, chainmail, etc. The Celts conquered everywhere they went, with ease, and in no instance did they every oppress another culture. They were sorely oppressed by the Norse Danes themselves, but when they conquered Europe, they let all the conquered countries remain in peace after utterly destroying them in battle. They never got vengeful, greedy, hateful or malevolent, oppressive, spiteful, or unjustly hurtful.

Irish were also some of the best Sailors in the modern era, and were among the first to Arrive in America and many other countries of Diaspora, colonization, and trade. If there is European blood in a race, in every race around the world, there’s almost a guarantee that that blood comes from the Irish people, who co-mingled amongst “Native” Tribes in the world, whilst the Anglicans would call that co-mingling and equal treatment as “Going Native”, which was a great offense to the Anglican sensibilities.

Irish were able to make friends with the Native Americans without looking down on them, hating them, or believing they should be exploited and/or harmed. They were able to make amicable relationships, share drinks, and enjoy sharing their happiness with others. They were the first people to have children with Native Americans, Asians, and Africans, Australian Aboriginals, Middle-easterners, the Maori, and other Polynesians.

Irish women and Irish men were one of the few people in Europe to understand Native cultures, Tribal Societies. They understood Heathen religious beliefs as they were widely regarded as Heathens themselves and are a direct stem of the Mighty Celts. Irish women were among the few women in Europe to be completely free, respected, empowered, equal, and able to make all their own decisions without harsh judgement or social consequences.

And when we say Irish, or anyone else, it doesn’t refer to every single person. Many Irish were assistants and hired workers of the Anglicans, either as Sailors, or as Colonial workers, and, also on Anglican Plantations. Some Irish may have even been Plantation Owners, and some, no doubt, acted and behaved as poorly as the Southern Americans. The South was the only place for the Poorest people in America to live. Some Irish had fewer opportunities because of the Racism against them by the Anglicans and their colonists. They did what they thought they had to, and what became of them in America is the source of much White Pride and extreme Racism in the South today.

The Irish were one of the main forces in the Northern Union Army during the Civil War. Most of them well-cultured.

Irish in the South were mostly second generation offspring without much cultural Identity or Irish Cultural Heritage.

Boston, once a place of many Irish Immigrants and Irish union strength, has, today, become one of the most vile and racist cities in America, where people claim to be Irish, but are wholly American, and Use the Irish & Irish culture as a blunt, racist instrument. Boston is perhaps as racist as some of the worst places in the South. If you are racist, and you drink with Irish, from Ireland, and you spew some racist stuff, they’re going to laugh right along with you. If an Irish from Ireland is drinking with you and he’s the one spouting racist stuff to you, he’s making fun of you, and trolling you out.

Irish are actually the first people to make friends in foreign places with different people, the people that people claiming to be Irish hate. They’re the first to stand up and fight for what’s right or when they see something wrong, or to defend the weak. They’re the first to make real connections in places like Hawaii, and are one of the only people even respected by Native cultures, or in places like Hawaii, China, Japan, Korea, etc. Irish make the best Expat communities, that the locals actually love. Most other expat communities are full of people hurting the local people.

Irish from Ireland, True Irish, Celtic Irish, Gaelic-speaking Irish, Tribal Celtic Irish, and those with the true Irish Heart, are a loving, powerful, strong and freedom-loving, celebratory culture, and are not the racist fvckwits you make them out to be. That racism is wholly American, and stems from Anglican culture, not Irish or Celtic culture. So if you’re part Irish, and fancy yourself a racist person, remember you’re actually just an american, and need to start referring to yourself as just an American, or “Irish-American” or “Irish-without-a-clue-and-really-just-a-dumb-American”, when referring to yourself, in public, and stop embarrassing or disgracing the Irish People, Culture, and Identity. You’re just a confederate racist or american racist, and though you might be some part Irish, just call yourself white.

Its as if you were Chinese, born in America, and embarrassing Chinese people by having zero clue what China is all about, or how Chinese conduct themselves, have no idea about the concept of Guanxi, or anything else. C’mon, you’re just an American. Same with Irish. Stop laying claim to what is obviously not you, and to what you have very clearly put exactly zero thought or effort into learning anything about. You’re a white American, with some Irish Ancestry, it doesn’t entitle you to be racist, that’s just proving how NOT Irish you actually are, and how just clueless & wholly American your really are, and a pretty crappy American, at that.

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