Black vs White – Colorism in America

The term Black is equally as derogatory as the term Negro, or N**ger, even. They are all references to skin color alone, void of any cultural, historical, genealogical, or racial reference.

They are terms used by non-African people to refer to a broad range of cultures and peoples, some of the oldest on earth, occupying the second-largest continent on Earth.

The concept of reducing them all to merely “Black” began in the Slave Trade era. Negro is Black, exactly, in a different language.

Black = English

Negre = Catalan

Nigra – Esperanto

Negra = Galacian

Néger = Hungarian

Negru = Romanian

Negro = Portuguese

Negro = Spanish

Negro = Galacian

Niger, Nigreos = Latin

One is not better than another. In most countries, the terms were used simply to denote Black as a color in relation to the darkness of the skin tone of many Africans. In America, its usage mirrored the extreme abuse and hatred of the African people. The terms used by Slave traders as a causal reference to skin color, became strictly a derogatory Slur in America, spoken with derision and hatred towards the African Slaves, to further dehumanize, belittle, berate, and demean them. Nowhere on earth were the people of Africa treated so hatefully and with such malevolence as they were in America. America was the only place on earth where they were not even seen as human beings. Even the European slave traders themselves saw them as human beings. It astonished all of Europe, in fact, the way Americans treated African Slaves. Europeans were also astonished by the cruel treatment of the Japanese by American Soldiers in WWII, and how Americans were capable of treating them like they were less than animals, not even as though they were humans. This same treatment followed Americans through to Vietnam, and continues today.

What is it about Americans that enables them to treat other human beings so poorly, simply because they are from a different country on the planet, a different culture, and look differently from them, simply by virtue of the depth of tan of their skin.

America is where the concept of white began, in contrast of the people who they called black. A collective security was formed around whiteness, along with a collective enemy in people termed black, which gave rise to a shared identity as being white. This seemed to naturally appeal to the European Diaspora populating America for generations, who’d lost their European culture, language, customs, and identity, and indentified solely as American.

Many first Generation Immigrants from poorer or smaller European countries likely found solace in having a ready-made community willing to accept them in America simply for being White, regardless if nothing else was shared.

Indeed, it may well have been immigrants from unpopular or easily disregarded European countries which relied heavily on the White Identity, and were dependent on it to fly under the radar and appear as equal as anyone else from Europe who might otherwise not have treated them with respect.

This is also a primary reason people tend to bully or pick on anyone in life, and why people join groups which are hazing or picking on anyone, it takes focus off of themselves, and they feel protected by not being the focus of anyone else, and join in the hazing or bullying as a collective activity that tends to bind people together in collective untity. We’ve all seen it in High School. Africans in America were the victims and subject of White togetherness. It seems ingrained in their culture, and they start out in grammar school targeting different individuals and seeking out weaknesses to exploit publicly for personal gain and collective security. Its a victims mentality that arises from insecurity and poor parenting.

Nobody calls Asians ‘Yellow’, except maybe a few of these same people trying deperately to gain some sort of popularity by belittling or berating others.

No Asian person would ever refer to themselves as Yellow, unless they were born in America, adopted by white Americans, raised around all white people, and made fun of their entire lives for being Asian, which I’m sure has happened or is happening somewhere in America.

The term “White” is at the root of the problem, There is no white race, race is not color. Europeans don’t have the concept of white, as they are as different from each other as anyone else in the world. They don’t speak the same language, they can’t even understand each other, and their cultures are as different as any on earth. Their identity is not White, but is ethnic, historical, genealogical, cultural, heritage, beliefs, values, traditions, etc, all the things which make up a race of people.

Native Americans also didnt have the concept that they were all “Red”, that is an American descriptor. They also didn’t understand each other, and had completely different cultures, beliefs, practices, traditions, ways, values, heritage and identities. They couldn’t even identify themselves as “Native American”, as they were often at war with each other, and were from totally different worlds, just as the Europeans were.

Brown is a term used for everyone else on earth, be they from the Indian subcontinent, Eskimos, Native Americans, Mexicans, Native Central Americans, Native South Americans, Polynesians, Melanesians, Micronesians, Middle-Easterners, Arabs, Natives of Russia, Khazaks, and literally everyone else.

That class of “Brown” has more differences genetically, culturally, linguistically, and in every other way than any other two people on the planet, and is completely, utterly, and absolutely meaningless for anyone but american white supremacists & related bigots.

And as different as the groups called Brown are, so, too, are those within the groups labelled as White, Yellow, or Red, by Americans.

In fact, “white” only makes sense in terms of America or perhaps of countries that European Diaspora have taken over, colonized and populated, such as, perhaps, Australia, Canada, South Africa & New Zealand. Only countries where the “White people” speak only one language, and have lost all other cultural & ethnic identity, apart from a faint sense of national origin and something to do with food or clothes from that region, perhaps,

Red, White, Yellow, Brown and Black are colors, and in no way whatsoever can they be used to identify anyone on earth, other than to describe that you have no culture or heritage outside of America.

If you call yourself white, you’re generally just described as white trash, that is, cultureless, clueless, no connection to an ethnic parentage or heritage, no concept of race or cultural identity, other than simply being one of a pot of European Diaspora in America.

If you call yourself Black, you’re also stating that you have no idea about your culture, heritage, National identity, National heritage, Parental Culture or Language, etc. You’re just saying you’re simply American.

There is, thus, absolutely zero difference between White Americans and Black Americans. They’re all just plainly, and simply, American, through and through, and have no other identity other than American.

What you’re left with, then, is simply one color of American attacking another color of American, when their only difference is their color, with one thinking their color is superior to the other’s. It the most pointless and meaningless endeavor ever undertaken in the history of mankind, and the U.S. Census Bureau is a primary culprit in perpetuating these silly, insignificant differences with their continued use of “White” and “Black”, showing us all their real agenda and colorist bigotry, white supremacy, and hatred. Its honestly surprising that they dont say Red, Yellow and Brown, as well, except the only thing they need to keep up their facade of white supremacy is the existence of a group they can call black and bully.

America is a very hateful place where the citizens, who’ve committed genocide on every continent, who’ve wiped out entire cultures to have a place to call their own white utopia, live in a deep state of nose-bleed Cognitive Dissonance. It’s like the housewife who murders the neighbor, then goes home and bakes cookies and makes supper for her family and seems to have no recollection of what she’s just done.

Asians in America don’t say “Asian Americans”, Polynesians don’t say “Polynesian Americans”, and Middle Eastern People don’t say “Middle Eastern Americans”, neither do the ‘white’ European Diaspora say “European Americans”. Why then do African Diaspora say “African American”? Is it because the thought of being African is too repulsive for white Americans to stomach without feeling repulsed or having their delicate sensibilities offended?

Asians don’t even say Asians most times, they say Chinese, Filipina, Thai, Viet, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, because the term Asian is very pointless and nondescript. Its redundant if you’re standing face to face, as redundant and uninformative as asking someone where they’re from and they say they’re “European” to you. So, too, is African a pointless descriptor, as pointless as Native American. Yet, people are content to hear you’re Native American, because they’re simply not educated nor interested enough to care about the differences. Its like saying “Latin American”, because to them, Argentina is the same as Venezuala, Columbia the same as Chile, and Guatamale the same as Brazil. They don’t know any of the countries and could really care less. Should the world revolve around their ignorance or apathy, or worse yet, bigotry?

This brings us to the problem of the large sin of Slavery, in which countless African Americans were raised for generations as forced Diaspora in America with no freedom, education or method of record keeping, separated from their families, most of whom were murdered in the world’s worst Genocide, right here on American soil. Many of the African Diaspora living in America have no way of knowing where they came from, apart from a general “slaves were often taken from West Africa”. We have no way of knowing how far away the men & women who were captured, enslaved & traded were brought from.

What, then, to call yourselves?

TBH, American is probably the best and most accurate descriptor you could call yourself.

If you know something of your genealogy or are a more recent immigrant from Africa in the last few generations, you should call yourself Somali, Congolese, Kenyan, Nigerian, Algerian, Ethiopian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Sudanese, Ugandan, or any one of the 54 countries in Africa.

In all honesty, if you don’t know which one you’re from because of slavery, You should read up on them all, and find the one you identify with most, and just call yourself from that one. No American knows all of the African countries anyway, and any of those countries would welcome with open healing arms the Africans taken from Africa and treated as slaves in America, so you should feel welcome and protected in doing so.

DNA tests, while deeply flawed, can go along way to helping you find your root or place you can at least feel you are rooted from.

You can also use Subregions of Africa, such as Western, Eastern, Southern, Northern, Central etc.

It seems people dont use African American mostly for the long 7 syllables.

Maybe terms like Afrimerican culture, or maybe just Afri or Afree, or Afrik, or Frik or Africultre, Africana, Africani, Africano, Africatto, Frika, Frikato, Frikati, Af-Am, Af-American, Amefrica, Amafrica, Amaf, Amafrik, Amafrikana, etc

You’re definitely just American, though, and as American as any white person self-identifying as American. You should choose not to identify as any listed race if all they give you is “Black” as an option

Just definitely not Black or White, unless you simply want to be identified as nothing other than an American with color issues.

In fact, a lot of people from many cultures nowadays simply don’t want to respond to questions about their ethnicity. They’ll simply say “I’m American”, and when pressed for their ethnicity, they’ll just say “why, why do you want to know, what’s it to you, none of your business”, etc.

Black isn’t an identity anymore than yellow or red is, and is just a white supremacist term in America. People who believe they are superior to you, or that white is their identity, are looking down on you and you are looking down on yourself. They are saying “You’re a negro” and you’re lowering your head in shame and saying “ya, that’s true, I am a negro”

Nobody from any other race would tolerate that. White people use it in order to help them gain strength and solidarity in numbers, which plays into their superiority complex, and every time you refer to yourself as black, you’re feeding that complex and giving them power over you.

Chinese immigrants in America are a very empowered ethnic group. They comprise a very small percentage of people in America, but know those percentages are almost exactly reversed on the world stage. They have an identity and a culture they adhere to wherever in the world they go, and is the primary reason they are the most successful immigrants in the world, having established homes and lives in nearly every country on planet earth where they thrive and find happiness, even when in countries hostile towards them, even when in the smallest, most remote, isolated American hillbilly towns full of right-wing racists who hate them.

It doesn’t bother them because they’re smarter than those people. They make decisions for their family benefit and future welfare, health and well-being.

Having 400 years of slave history doesn’t equate to a culture. Chinese have been emigrating from China for thousands of years, and they’re still Chinese with their Chinese culture, wherever they are, and whatever their circumstances. Chinese were treated often just as poorly as African slaves in America, under certain circumstances.

Africa is comprised of 54 much smaller countries, but people from small countries such as Japan and Korea far excel Americans in most things.

The key and primary difference between Asians and Africans in America is their cultural identity. Africans don’t often have it, of course because of slavery, but its something that can be repaired in a generation if that generation would go back to its roots, study and find its roots, and teach and spread those roots, watering them here in America for their communities and families to flourish.

African cultures are as different and varied as European or Native American or Asian ones, and they have the same disdain or difference for each other as everyone else, and they also cannot understand each other, and are all from different worlds as well.

There is no “European town” or no “Asian town” in America, only Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Little Korea, Little Italy, Greek town, German town, Swedish Town, Dutch Town etc. Thus, an African town may not make sense, but certainly a Nigeria Town, Little Ethiopia, etc would be good. However, people from Middle Eastern countries tend to do well to support each other in their parts of town and all open up shops beside each other, so maybe Little Africa would be a great idea.

In such places, culture is paramount. A Little Africa gains no traction if its “black” and wholly american,

These places are solely for your own benefit, protection, welfare, well-being, wellness, and happiness.

There are a large number of African Immigrants to America who are often told they need to behave black, like they do in America. They are often actually taken into the American culture of Black, and become disenfranchised, even when the same immigrants elsewhere in the world succeed much better on their own. Its the opposite of what should be happening. When you meet someone from Africa, you don’t show off your black thing and tell them to be like you, you need to pause, be observant, and do all you can to learn what they know, and learn to be like them. Africans are some of the most successful immigrants in other parts of the world, having a very strong desire to work and succeed, drawing strength from their culture, a culture ‘black’ Americans don’t have, but desperately need.

Learn an African language, even if you don’t know if its your ancestral language, it is a very powerful culturl tool for understanding and comprehending cultures and peoples.

Learn the cuisines of Africa, not the just the soul food of impoverished suffering American slaves trying their best to make the most of a terrible situation. Learn the Cuisines of Africa which have sustained strong warrior tribal cultures for as long as mankind has been on the planet. Drop the southern plantation food.

Traveling to Africa should be top on your priority list, to learn the languages, cultures, and countries of Africa, wholly and 100% African from top to bottom. It’ll be the best feeling of your life. Don’t show up with your bling trying to show off and make them American, show up with nothing, but locally what they wear, eat what they eat, make friends, meet families, get invited into homes, live with the locals, as a local, if you’re to learn anything. Its tempting to show up to third world countries and play the American superstar card. Don’t.

And unify your communities through shared African culture and identity, treating your family the way they would in Africa, the way your ancestors would want you to. Learn your ancient beliefs, they ancient powers, the ancient Deity and religions. If they conflict with your Christian ones, you’re the victim of White Supremacy.

Hold people accountable for destroying your communites and cultures. Stand up to them. Black is not a thing. Either they are African, proud and cultured, or they’re just Americans, who happen to be very dark skinned, and you can call them black.

Save Black for the sellouts, the cultural destructors, those who destroy communites, families, and your way of life, it is not African, not Tribal, not Family, not Culture. Don’t ever call yourself Black, if you are African, and don’t let anyone else call you that. Push back. Like people often say “there are black people and then there are n**gers”, that term should be “There are black people, and then there are Africans”, and Blacks are not Africans, they havent the culture, the heritage, the respect, the tribal power.

And likewise, if you consider yourself white, or other people consider you white, you don’t need to be dragged down into the generic cess pit of white America. Have some dignity and some self respect. Stand up for yourself. If you don’t identify yourself, others will do it for you. If you’re just an American, you’re JUST an American, and no different in any way from any other American, and certainly no better than any Black American. That is absolute fact and truth. America isn’t some special country made just for the Diaspora of Europe who then lose all identity and just call themseleves some new white thing that materialized on a new continent. If you’re unable to figure out where you come from, you can try one of the DNA tests as well.

My own family on one grandparents side arrived from Europe aboard the Mayflower, and according to the DNA test is still almost entirely English, who knows how that’s even possible. I suggested inbreeding but they assured me its not.

If you do know your heritage, visit those countries, learn their ways and cultures and customs and traditions. However many roots you have, spend time with each one, living there if possible. Again, hide your identity as a loud-mouthed know-it-all privledged uber-special American superstar and learn all you can through observation, humble inquiries, and showing a keen interest in the cultures and languages of your ancestors. Ask people for help learning and understanding their ways and cultures. Dress like they do, act like they do, live like they do, and try and learn their way of thinking, points of view, habits, ways of speaking and interacting with each other, and their world views. Don’t share your own American one’s, and don’t try and flex in proud righteous indignation when you find out they actually have a very negative view of America and their unbridled Capitalism, and don’t flip out when you discover your messiah Trump is the laughing stock of their entire village. That is true culture, true understanding, from an old world perspective, from thousands of years ago. It may as well be an Immortal’s view, the exact view fundamentally missing from America.

You need a culture and an Identity, America, American, or White are neither. If you think that America and white is your only identity or culture, you need to grasp the reality of the identity and culture as equally belonging to African people, Muslims, Jews, and Immigrants from every country, equally, and they don’t have your ignornt, narrow, self-serving view of America or the world. They come from cultures that have real identities, and America is nothing if not a melting pot of all other societies in the world, of which you are only a small, albeit loud, part.

You are not some sort of leaders or special priledged white overlords of this Country. You tried that, and you lost, through open civil war. If you still feel that way, you’re simply an Enemy of America, the same enemy in fact. No, you are simply equal citizens to everyone else, all of whom have just as much right to be in America as you do, and equally carry the name American. If you feel you aren’t equal, and somehow believe you are superior, better, or more American, thats your cognitive dissonance taking the helm, and you are in fact living in a fantasy world of your own creation. If all you had to rely on was you being white, then you have been relying on nothing, and have no root, just a fantasy bedtime story.

Believing yourself to be white is in fact the willingness to jump aboard a train with a group of vandalous villains willing to harm and oppress and hurt others for personal gain, a willingness to bring harm to Americans, of which you are but a small part.

Calling yourself white is basically the same thing as calling the African diaspora Black. Derogatory, bullying which comes across as weak, pathetic, insecure, and hateful.

You aren’t white. We’ve all had the Crayola box, and have all colored the coloring books. You’re apricot at best. Are you going to run around calling yourself Apricot? Let’s hear it, go ahead. Even if you stay indoors you’re just going to be blueish translucent apricot or pinkish yellow orange or something.

Stop calling African diaspora Black and European diaspora White.

If you can only bring yourself to call yourself American, be then the standard of Equality and Justice, or be merely the white trash enemy of America and Americans.

It needs to dawn on you that you are the worst people in the world, who’ve done the worst things in world history. It needs to dawn on you that there is no place on this earth for you. Your time to freely exploit, hate, murder, beguile, and oppress has passed. Were it not so, America would cease to exist, for nothing so vile and evil shall exist long on this planet, according to the universal laws of Justice.

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