Constitutionality of Gun Laws vs the Right to Bear Arms – Gun Control & the Morality of Firearms

This is written in response to the thousands of deaths by firearms every year, to those who champion Gun Ownership and Gun Rights as Inalienable 2nd Amendment Rights.

Guns are used to Kill 40,000 Americans per year, that’s like every person in Coachella, California dying from a gun each year.

  • 2012 – 33,563 gun deaths
  • 2013 – 33,636 gun deaths
  • 2014 – 33,594 gun deaths
  • 2015 – 36,252 gun deaths
  • 2016 – 38,658 gun deaths
  • 2017 – 39,773 gun deaths
  • 2018 – 40,000+ gun deaths (projected)

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun” – CEO of the NRA Wayne Robert LaPierre, Jr.

All you’re going to do is cause more death, and increase the likelihood that more people will be killed. Let’s look at some examples:

Example 1:

A drive-by shooter shoots up your apartment building because your neighbor is a gang-banger or drug-dealer. You feel your best solution is to go out and get a gun to protect yourself. In fact, you’re simply greatly increasing the likelihood that the shooter will now just be emptying his magazines directly into your apartment window, and aiming very carefully at you and your family, and be shooting nowhere else.

Do you think you’re going to stand out on your balcony and turn your neighborhood into Fallujah? Does that seem to be a solution to protect yourself or your family, or anyone else’s family from gun violence? Obviously not. The shooter may come back later with more friends, more firepower, and wait til you’re least expecting of trouble to carry out his revenge on you or your family.

You Popping off rounds around the neighborhood increases the chance that an innocent person will inadvertently be killed by your stray or ricocheting bullets. You’ve Doubled the number of bullets flying around a residential neighborhood and have put everyone at risk. Bullets very often ricochet, and very easily pass through the outer wall of wooden homes and travel through multiple rooms, easily penetrating glass and drywall, and easily landing in an infant’s crib.

If you want to spend your money on something, get a thick sheet of metal to set in front of your outside wall than you can duck down behind.

Or set up a Zooming CCTV camera you can view license plates with, or use your camcorder, then call the police and make an official report. That just makes far more sense.

Example 2:

You’re at the Bank and there’s a robbery. You need a gun just in case something like this happens, so you can protect yourself and others. So, what’s the plan here? Are you going to carefully reach under your coat or shirt or lift up your pant leg and hope you can get your gun drawn and squeeze off some ammo into a robber before the robber, whose gun is already drawn, can shoot you dead? Ya, that’s not happening, and neither is there a need for it. Your money is insured. They’re not stealing your money. Stealing Money is not even a capital crime and we don’t execute thieves. Your need to be a hero is all that’s driving you. Do as your told, hand them your wallet, keep your face down, and walk out of there the same as you walked in. No big deal. Chill tfo, you’re not a superhero, and this isn’t the movies.

Example 3:

You’re at a country Music Concert or a Walmart or School and you see an Active Shooter start opening fire. Active shooter means he’s actively shooting people, gun out, barrel aimed, trigger being pulled. Active Shooters shoot the people who are the biggest threats first, if there are any. The odds of you drawing your weapon in a crowded place and not accidentally shooting any number of people behind your target is extremely low. The odds that you’re going to get to move around and position yourself for a clear shot is also extremely low to none. The odds that you’re going to out-draw a guy who’s already shooting are zero. You’re just going to increase the odds of you or one of your friends or family members or people unfortunate enough to be standing in your vicinity being shot dead instead after you attract the attention of a shooter.

The odds that any civilian can hit their target at as little as 10 yards during an emergency situation where your adrenaline is pumping, your hands are sweaty, you’re shaky and nervous, you feel scared, your life is on the line, the lighting isn’t good, etc is slim at best, and certainly not on your first shot. Add to that an Active shooter now aiming in your direction, someone who’s been killing people already, and has now turned their attention to you and is firing in your direction with intent to kill, bullets being fired directly at you from a person on a multiple killing spree and you’re pretty much just useless, you’re just dead. You’ve made yourself a priority target and will most likely just be killed yourself.

You could have ran. The odds of any shooter with anything other than a shotgun hitting a moving target are astronomical. Don’t believe me? Try trap & skeet shooting with your AR-15. All you really have to do is not run in a straight line directly away from the shooter. Just run in widening circles or off-timed zigzags and you can almost guarantee he’s going to empty his clip before he hits you. You can also hide just out of his eye-line by tipping over a desk or table getting near a wall or corner. You could flee the room and run far, far away. You can lock yourself in a bathroom or backroom or dressing room etc. All of those things are infinitely more safe than trying to shoot an active shooter.

Example 4:

You’re walking around by yourself at night and maybe someone wants to mug or rape you. By far the most effective thing you can do is Run away screaming. Nobody is going to run you down with the attention you’re drawing and the speed you’re moving. If someone has a gun pulled on you, and is telling you to give him your money or come with him, your gun is useless. Your gun is useless anytime someone else already has their gun drawn on you, which is most times you could think of to actually need a firearm. Whether you have a gun or not, and he has a gun pulled on you, your best chance, by far, is to run in a diagonal or zig zag pattern away from the shooter while screaming and waving your arms. Even if he was going to shoot you, this would make it very hard, if not impossible. Don’t believe me? Tape a Cardboard cut-out to a Large & Powerful Remote Control Truck a drive in circles or zig zags away from the shooter and see if he can hit it. I guarantee he will empty his clip and not get a single hit. Most likely, however, the gun is for show and coercion. He won’t kill you there because he will likely get caught, and have to leave your body there, and that’s not his plan. If he wants your car or wallet or ring or watch, even a wedding ring, just give him everything. No need for Revenge and rage and vengeance here, you’re just going to die or someone you love will.

If he’s close enough to you with a gun within your reach, there are many Martial Arts moves which are proven to be effective against a person who wants to kill you. Just like when you hold a dollar bill between someone’s index finger and thumb, it will fall to the ground before he can grab it, so too is the reaction time window even for someone meaning to kill you. It’s actually fairly easy to move out of the path of the bullet and gain control of the firearm before he can react and pull the trigger. This is more risky, however, depending on your skill level, experience & confidence, and running away in unpredictable patterns whilst drawing attention to yourself is far more effective.

Do you have the Constitutional Right to Shoot Somebody?

No. That is not in the constitution. You do not have the right to murder other Americans, period. That is not the 2nd Amendment. We have a Judicial System for a reason. There is no Constitutional Basis for the Murder of American Citizens, contrary to what the gun-rights zealots and those quasi-patriotic 2nd Amendment advocates try to tell us all.
The Right to Self-Defense:

There is a Constitutional Right to Life. This is the basis of all Self-Defense Laws. Laws created by the Federal or State Governments don’t equate to Constitutionality, merely creative interpretation, most widely materialized as strong personal opinion and shared viewpoints enforced on others through biased means.

Self-Defense Laws are Right to Life Laws. They merely afford each citizen the right to Defend themselves with a Reasonable Response, provided several factors are met, such as:

  • You must not be the aggressor, this truly means that you must not be aggressive. You can’t be the person engaged full hilt in a fit of rage, shouting and arguing or driving aggressively or acting aggressively or threatening. If you do, your right to defend yourself falls limp.
  • You must have tried to Retreat from the conflict altogether, by escaping, turning away, running away, walking briskly away, apologizing, saying sorry, etc. Not you turned away then they said something that triggered you and you turned back to face them. This should solve 99.9% of conflicts. You have a civic duty to Retreat, and you absolutely must make an attempt to retreat or run away.
  • You must only use a directly proportionate response which matches the level of threat you are facing, and use just enough force to counter or combat the level of violence you are faced with. You can’t respond to a fist with a baseball bat, nor respond to a stick with a knife, nor respond to brass knuckles with a gun, etc, and certainly not responding with a gun to someone without any weapon at all, or just because you are afraid of them, etc.
  • You must have a reasonable belief that the use of the appropriate force was absolutely necessary in order to protect or defend yourself, and that there was no other way to proceed. Not you were at the club and there were some hotties there and it would be too embarrassing for you to walk away.
  • You must have a reasonable belief that the threat or attack was imminent and there was no possibility that you were not going to be attacked, as in it was just an escalated argument, etc. Not only did you try to deescalate, but also the conflict was going to lead for sure to an absolute attack. Saying sorry and walking away didn’t work at all. And your belief in the imminent harm has to be absolutely reasonable and in no way objectively unreasonable, as in the person was African and you think they’re all prone to violence or inherently dangerous, etc.

Now the above guidelines are for everything that leads up to self-defense. Nowhere is self-defense defined as lethal force, except in a few recent right-wing extremist states, most notably those with the highest numbers of Racists and Racially-motivated injustices.

Your Right to Self-Defense is limited to the amount required to neutralize the threat. This does not mean that someone with a gun should be killed with a gun. A man with a gun can be rendered incapacitated or neutralized with many non-lethal options, including Pepper Spray, Rubber Bullets, Bean-Bag Bullets, Taser Guns, Joint Locks and Submission Holds, a Shot to a leg or shoulder, a broken hand, etc.

At the point the aggressor is no longer the aggressor, and no longer posing the same level of threat as they did previously, your right to continue to use that level of force is gone. You need to reassess and use a lower level of force for his current lower level of threat.

Shooting Americans is unpatriotic, dishonorable, cowardly, bigoted, often racist, hateful, and murderous. You are weak and cowardly and wholly anti-American if you think you should get to shoot an American. There is no situation which exists where anyone needs to shoot someone else, even if they have a gun.

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is...” Deescalation, Giving them your Money, Patience, Understanding, Communication, Empathy, Negotiation, Taser Guns, Stun Batons, Broken Hands, Bean-bag Ammo, Liquid Bullet Ammo, Pepper Spray, Bear Spray, Rubber Bullets, Martial Arts Skills, Running away, Video Recording, Making a Scene, Bulletproof Shields, and a host of other things.

The bad guy with a gun also has a Constitutional Right to Life, and the right to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, in a fair trial, by a jury of his peers. If you actually gaf about the Constitution, that is.

Two Doctrines & Laws greatly undermining the Constitution and the rights of the people, and which pander to the racists and murderous Gun lobbyists more than any other are the Castle Doctrine, and Stand Your Ground laws, both of which are more recent legislation.
Castle Doctrine:

This comes from Medieval England, which Americans dredged up to allow more guns to be used to kill more people, and justify themselves in their murdering of Americans.

This changes self-defense to say that if you are breaking into my home, I get to assume you wanted to murder my family and I get to murder you freely. Although it is not meant to include Murder, it’s almost exclusively used to protect those who murder with guns. It essentially attempts to make your personal property your own personal country, and you the ruler, and the laws of the land no longer apply to you, and you can murder anyone you want to for any reason you like, so long as:

  • You were not the original Aggressor (guess we’ll just have to take your word for it though, eh?)
  • There was a forceful and unlawful entry into one’s home, business, or occupied vehicle. This means any unwelcome entry, which is also unlawful, and includes your attached garage.
  • You were not engaged in criminal activity
  • You have a legal right to be in that house at that time, not evading police, not in a foreclosed home etc.

It presumes that the person was going to use deadly force on everyone in the home, and thus allows you to use deadly force if someone enters your home.

The main problem here again is that the answer to ending the threat of lethal force is not the same as using lethal force, neither should lethal force be justifiable by definition of ending the threat of lethal force against you.

The people breaking into your home were most likely to be robbers wanting to steal your television. Stealing a television is not a crime punishable by death, nor punishment outside of the law. Thus, many poor souls, addicts, the desperate, those with no other options, etc, are effectively executed by those who would murder our fellow Americans with impunity. These laws really went into wide-spread usage in the late 80’s and early 90’s when home burglaries were skyrocketing. Most of the perpetrators were African American. Thus, the Castle Doctrine was used as a means to the racist murders and hate crimes against African Americans by those who hate African Americans, as all the many political Machinations to murder or harm African Americans always are.

The Castle Doctrine, then, was nothing more than a Racist tool to allow Racist people to get away with murdering African-American people. It has zero basis in Constitutionality or the Second Amendment, and has little to nothing to do with Self-Defense, as it supersedes most all other requirements for Self-Defense.

People are being murdered, Americans, without even a word of warning spoken to them. In most all of B&E cases, the perpetrator will immediately vacate the premises if given the chance to do so. We’ve turned B&E into Capital Crimes that are meted out by murderous vigilantes to allow them further use of their firearms to kill Americans.

It’s atrocious, unjust, unjustifiable, and a gross miscarriage of justice, and extremely unconstitutional. It also extends to your business, just in case you though this was about killing families or raping them. Its justification for the gun lobbyists to sell more guns and see them put to good use murdering Americans.

Again, the States which allow for Blanket-Protection of Murder by Lethal Force in Castle Doctrines are all the same racist states where African Americans are almost always treated poorly and receive less justice and more mistreatment, harassment, blatant racism, hatred, and injustices than others.

However, many states do not allow for blanket protection of Lethal Force for Breaking & Entering, and the same rules for Self-Defense generally have to be closely adhered to, but the final decision rests in the hands of the jury.
Stand Your Ground Laws:

This is a very recent addition to our Nation’s laws, pushed in by the Gun Advocates who live and die by their firearms, and want everyone else to as well.

This very evil law is essentially a ticket to murder anyone for any reason, as if you yourself were a policeman with a ticket to murder anything that twitches.

What they did was remove the requirement to try and deescalate or retreat or end the confrontation. You no longer need to end the confrontation. In fact, you can even be the aggressor in many states. The only real requirement here is that you felt scared. There’s almost never any condition for Imminent Lethal Threat. In fact, there have been many instances where people are murdering Americans simply because they felt threatened, even if that threat was simply perceived, or even verbal, or even bare-handed.

These are “Shoot First” laws, which allow you to shoot to kill before attempting any other resolution. You don’t even have to be bothered with trying to understand or read a situation. These are also what I like to call “Gigantic Pussy [sic] Laws”, because they’re for people who can’t fight, and the only thing they are prepared to do is murder someone with a tiny movement of their index finger, like the world’s biggest pussies [sic].

These laws have led to the rise of people who are on the look out for just the right circumstances to present themselves to be able to murder someone. They often troll out people into aggressive behaviors just so they can murder them. They bait their victims into engaging in any sort of behavior that might fall under the protection of Stand Your Ground laws, which are a great many subtle and minuscule things.

These laws are very vague and widely open to interpretation, thus, they are most commonly used in racist states where the dominant white population can always excuse each other from their murders, whilst the African population spends life in prison for the same interpretation of events.

These laws almost always leave the other person dead with no witness, so basically it’s a free murder of an American for anyone wishing to murder an American they don’t like.

These are the most dangerous laws and the most unconstitutional of all. These are anti-life laws which benefit only the racists who commit violence against the most vulnerable populations they so vehemently hate. They don’t see them as equal to white people, so these laws are made to allow them to fulfill their white supremacist ways carried on in their subversive hate groups.

There is zero allowance for this sort of behavior in the Constitution, and these laws are extremely anti-American, one-sided & fundamentally racist, and are pushed for most zealously by the States of the Dead Confederacy who push all of America’s most hateful and hurtful laws.

You have no right to “Stand Your Ground” regardless of circumstance. You have no right to murder Americans because you can’t be bothered to admit wrong doing, stop bothering everyone, or go your own way, and live your best life. These laws pander to villainous murderous thugs, and are a direct product of the NRA and its racist minions that believe they need guns to murder Americans.

However, many states use Stand Your Ground laws only for Non-lethal force, and do not allow for lethal force. But, again, there are many states that do allow this, and, again, they’re where the most racist atrocities usually occur and amongst those who hold the most racist Doctrines.

Your ACTUAL Second Amendment:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”

Between 1776 & 1780, Seven Colonial States made the following official statements regarding the Right to Bear Arms, that would eventually become the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights. These statements included the following reasons for Bearing Arms:

  • Defense of the State
  • Defense of a Free Government
  • No standing Armies or Warships in times of Peace
  • The State should be in the Condition of Defense
  • Be Prepared & Willing to Defend the State
  • The Militia of the State, in Peace or War, shall be armed and Disciplined, and ready for Service
  • Quakers or those with Religious beliefs preventing them from picking up weapons against others shall be excused from service in the Militia, but should pay money instead.
  • A proper magazine of warlike stores, proportionate to the number of inhabitants, be, forever hereafter, at the expense of this State
  • The people have a right to keep and to bear arms for the common defense.

In every instance above, the reason for Needing a Militia to bear Arms was for defending the State & the State Government, Protect from Tyranny in Government, and for the Common/State Defense. The Americans feared the new federal government would choose to disarm state militias at some point, giving them absolute power over them.

Noah Webster wrote:

“Before a standing army can rule the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States”

This was the view of all early Americans, that the general population of people armed by the state and formed into organized and disciplined militias would be far superior to anything a band of armed people working for the government could come up with.

This is quite funny by today’s standards, as they obviously could in no way predict Nuclear Warheads, Ballistic Missiles, War Helicopters, Aircraft Carriers, Fighter Jets, Napalm, and Million-Rounds-per-Minute Electrical Weapons.

Every citizen of America could not even come close to waging war against the U.S. Military. You could arm all 300 million Americans and not put a scratch in the absolute power and war supremacy of the US Military.

But let’s pretend you wanted to try anyway, you’re allowed a Well-Trained Militia. That has zero to do with you owning a gun or your perceived right to be able to carry one. You’re not even trained. How do we go from well-trained militia, to dude with a gun who don’t even need no training, cus it’s your right?? That’s the polar opposite of your Second Amendment Right.

Prior to the Bill of Rights, we had the temporary Articles of Confederation, upon which the 2nd Amendment was built:
Article VI of the Articles of Confederation:

“No vessel of war shall be kept up in time of peace by any State, except such number only, as shall be deemed necessary by the united States in congress assembled, for the defense of such State, or its trade; nor shall any body of forces be kept up by any State in time of peace, except such number only, as in the judgement of the united States, in congress assembled, shall be deemed requisite to garrison the forts necessary for the defense of such State; but every State shall always keep up a well-regulated and disciplined militia, sufficiently armed and accoutered, and shall provide and constantly have ready for use, in public stores, a due number of field pieces and tents, and a proper quantity of arms, ammunition and camp equipage.”

That is also only about State-Run, State Sponsored, State-Supported Militias, and specifies that all such weapons and armament are to be kept in a well-stocked armory.

And within the Constitution itself we have:
Article I, Section 8, Clause 16 of the U.S. Constitution:

“To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress”

There again, State-run, DISCIPLINED, organized, Militias. That requires training, mustering, and everything else you might find in the Federal Military.

In 1789, the 2nd Amendment went through the following iterations:


The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well armed and well regulated militia being the best security of a free country: but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person


A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, being the best security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; but no person religiously scrupulous shall be compelled to bear arms.


A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, being the best security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; but no one religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person


A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, being the best security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed, but no one religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person


A well regulated militia, being the best security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed


A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed

G – Final Edition, the Only Edition contained in the U.S. Bill of Rights, Passed in December 1791:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed

Every Edition begins with “A Well-Regulated Militia”, seen as the “best security of a free country”

So the 2nd Amendment was solely for the Security of a Free Country, or for our Freedoms and Security from an unscrupulous Government takeover. They Guns weren’t the Freedom, but were required to ensure the Freedoms and Security of the Country. And it is for the Country, and not the State, though the Second Amendment reflects the views of most of the States, individually. Therefore, Well-regulated Militias throughout America, from all American Citizens, is seen as the most effective means of Safeguarding our Freedoms and Security, and protect against Tyranny in Government.

and in 1792, the Federal government passed the following Act:

Each and every free able-bodied white male citizen of the respective States, resident therein, who is or shall be of age of eighteen years, and under the age of forty-five years (except as is herein after excepted) shall severally and respectively be enrolled in the militia … [and] every citizen so enrolled and notified, shall, within six months thereafter, provide himself with a good musket or firelock, a sufficient bayonet and belt, two spare flints, and a knapsack, a pouch with a box therein to contain not less than twenty-four cartridges, suited to the bore of his musket or firelock, each cartridge to contain a proper quantity of powder and ball: or with a good rifle, knapsack, shot-pouch and powder-horn, twenty balls suited to the bore of his rifle, and a quarter of a pound of powder; and shall appear, so armed, accoutred and provided, when called out to exercise, or into service, except, that when called out on company days to exercise only, he may appear without a knapsack

Which says that each American should further be enrolled in a Militia for the defense of our Freedoms and Security from such a potential threat from such a central and powerful government.

There is no room for interpretation here regarding Firearms and the Second Amendment. There is ABSOLUTELY no provision for personal firearms to protect ones person from others in society. It was not allowed in most Colonial States to use firearms to murder Americans, regardless of the threat or dispute.

Notwithstanding the original Framers left no room for discussion on the matter, crafty politicians and lawyers, each with their own murderous agenda, have worked tirelessly to convolute its meaning and clear wording, most commonly through fits of rage about how they knew more about the founding fathers than everyone else, and then they blab on about God or the British Magna Carta from 500 years earlier or inject their faintly reasoned narrative of what the Founding Fathers were really thinking, and other such nonsense, all of which is nothing more than lies, deceit and betrayal meant to undermine our Constitution and allow for people to get away with murder. Others will read the text of the 2nd Amendment and pretend no other documentation exists concerning it, as if it were some alien document unearthed in a cave and we’re trying to figure out what it really all means, which are simple parlor tricks typical of lawyers and their shenanigans.

Through the years of slowly corroding and eroding away of our Constitution by largely Southern Confederate States, and many court decisions, one upon another based exclusively on the opinion of racist judges and lawyers, many States succeeded in poisoning the well, and turning the issue of Gun Ownership into the realm of Private rights.

Justice Lacy, in a dissenting opinion during the State vs. Buzzard, wherein much of the prevailing opinion surmised that the Guns are for Citizens to use however they see fit, summarized the majority viewpoint to which he disagreed, and then declared:

That the words “a well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free State”, and the words “common defense” clearly show the true intent and meaning of these Constitutions [i.e., Ark. and U.S.] and prove that it is a political and not an individual right, and, of course, that the State, in her legislative capacity, has the right to regulate and control it: This being the case, then the people, neither individually nor collectively, have the right to keep and bear arms.”

Almost all Pro Private Gun Laws have come from Southern Slavery States, where they murdered human beings with more frequency and gusto than Adolph Hitler.

Georgia was the first to pass legislation overturning Gun Regulations and claiming they were unconstitutional, for their own nefarious reasons. They were the first State in America to overturn Laws which Banned Hand Guns, in 1846.

And from there it was kind of a Domino Effect amongst Southern Confederate states, and every time a Gun-related case was brought before them, they ruled any and all gun control laws unconstitutional, obviously because murdering human beings is an integral part of their culture & heritage.
The 2nd Amendment Today:

The Militias spoken of would lead to something like the movie “Red Dawn”. You’d have to use some Guerrilla Warfare against the U.S Military, and survive hiding out in the woods. You’d be labeled a Domestic Terrorist and be hit with a Drone Strike or spend your life in prison. Maybe America becomes wholly (more) evil and you need to take up arms to defend yourself from the government, and for that your state should maintain a Militia.

You can buy your own guns, but they should be locked up in the State Armory. You can gather and train for Discipline and Skill in groups throughout the week or just on weekends, returning your guns to the armory before going home.

If you want to carry a gun for self defense, that’s fine, but only certain guns need be available, and all of them to shoot the only type of ammunition which should be available to use for self-defense, the non-lethal type.

You can use rubber bullets, pepper spray rounds, bean bag shells, Taser Guns and Stun Batons etc, if the threat you face is potentially lethal.

Rubber Bullets break ribs, and the person will feel as if he was shot by a real gun. That is proper Self-defense and a suitably measured response to the most dire of situations, and all anyone would ever need.

These are childish, and a bold slap in the face to the Second Amendment. The danger of these guns is in how it makes the user feel. He feels like he’s engaged in a war against his fellow citizens. He imagines ripping through human flesh. He imagines being Rambo. He imagines gaining respect and commanding fear. He Sees himself engaged in military action, by himself or with his cronies. It emboldens them, and drives the desire & fantasy of killing human beings. These are not useful for anyone except for those with these fantasies of spree killing, genocide, or one-man military action, and should be unequivocally banned.

Hunting can (and should) be performed with a Bow. A High-weight Compound Bow with Composite Arrows will pass right through the biggest of animals. The term is “Hunting” and not shooting, so learn to hunt, rather than stare and shoot from another mountain range which is not hunting, and takes zero hunting skill.
Personal Gun Fun:

There’s nothing fun about guns. If you don’t know that, you don’t know guns well enough. They kill whatever they’re pointed at with a twitch of your finger. They are weapons of death. Perhaps you can learn Blow Darts, Sling & Stone, Sling Shot, Boomerang, throwing Knives, Throwing Axes, Throwing Spears, and other things for fun.

Perhaps we could allow the following 3 guns and each gun owner is restricted to one each of these 3 guns:

  • One Single-Shot, No-clip space, No-Magazine opening, Barrel-Loading, Bolt-Action, Iron Site Medium-powered Rifle
  • One Single-Barrel, Forward-folding, Single-Shot, Barrel-Loading, Chamber-less Iron Shotgun
  • One Handgun-style Firearm of a unique Caliber used only for Non-lethal rounds.

Ban all other firearms, and all scopes and laser sites as well

The majority of Deaths by Firearms are from Self-inflicted Gunshot Wounds during Suicides. Banning Handguns will reduce that number considerably, as it makes it far too easy to kill yourself without allowing any time to process your emotions or check your emotional state. If you have to go outside in the fresh air, see all the people, drive past all the shops and try and find a high place to jump from, you’re far less likely to commit suicide.

Even tying a Noose and setting up a place to hang yourself from takes time and concentration and effort and allows for a lot of time for thoughts and processing.
Personal Experience with Firearm Dangers:

I used to be the Firearms Inspector at the biggest Gun Retailer in North America, Cabela’s, in a state with one of the highest per capita Gun Ownerships in America, Utah.

Everyday I’d inspect hundreds of Firearms that people brought into the store for a variety of reasons. Most everyone bringing them in fancied themselves a real expert gun handler. In fact, it was usually the guys who thought they were the best at guns that I tended to have the most problems with.

On a Daily Basis I’d see people point their guns at shoppers, children, infants in strollers, toddlers in shopping carts, kids walking by, and probably 50% of people pointed them directly at me. These guns were supposed to be empty and at least once a week or more there’d be someone who said it was empty, when it was actually loaded, and had a live round in the chamber, and frequently with the safety off, and most always without them realizing it.

These are the people who love guns and live for guns, and whose world revolves around firearms.

I’ve seen them slip out of hands and fall on the floor or counter many times, I’ve seen big strong burly men tremble and shake trying to handle their firearms, I’ve seen people look directly down the barrel of their firearms, even jammed ones. I’ve seen people refuse to hand over their weapons while they tug and pull on a jammed action with a live round in the gun and with the barrel facing customers. I’ve been handed guns that were fully loaded, chambered, safety off and ready to fire. a good 80% of the people handed me the gun with their finger on the trigger, or pick up the gun with their finger on the trigger. I’ve had women pull their guns from their purses and aimed them right at me with the finger on the trigger, like that lady with the red hair in the shopping line in the movie InnerSpace with Martin Short, Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid, where it turns out to be a lighter, only this wasn’t a lighter, but was a fully-loaded firearm.

To my best estimation, only maybe 1-2% of the people had any knowledge of Firearm Safety and those were usually older guys who lived back when it was required to take multiple-day courses and pass 100 question tests to get a hunting license, and they only ever had hunting rifles and shotguns. Very occasionally we’d have someone who obviously knew what they were doing with a firearm, and they were definitely all Military or Police, off-duty, retired, ex, etc. Without exception, nobody else handled a firearm properly, and my life and the lives of many unsuspecting customers were always at risk.

Many people I immediately feared for their children and family members, and wondered how they were even still alive.

The primary difference between how people handled their firearms was really all about ego, arrogance and over-confidence. Everyone always seemed so desperate and determined to prove they knew how to use a firearm, or that they were really good at it, and often times that meant, in their minds, overlooking basic common sense safety, as if that were only for people afraid of firearms. It really seemed they were all just winging it. For the people trained by the Government, they always treated the firearm as if it were a deadly killing machine capable of killing anyone who doesn’t respect it enough for even a split second. They were very careful and cautious, checked their surroundings, kept their hands open, did everything very carefully and slowly so everyone could see exactly what they were doing, and with the barrel always pointed in a safe direction, and if they thought there were too many people around, they’d lay the gun down with the barrel facing them, rather than at anyone else. The most careful ones would bring their own chamber flags already inserted down the barrel of the gun and locking the chamber open wide, clip outside of the gun, ammo window facing me or up. Those people were one in a million.

The amateur private gun owner who thinks he’s highly trained but learned everything he knows about guns from Youtube and doesn’t know anything about Gun Safety generally feels safety precautions are for noobs or beginners or the’re too advanced or cool to take those precautions. Those are the same people who make mistakes, or forget something, and make a tiny screw up and someone dies, because they’re flying by the seat of their pants, completely dependent on them not making any errors, rather than take proper safety precautions.

They’re very entitled when it comes to their guns, and this because they’ve come to believe that it’s their Constitutional Right to carry a firearm, completely void of all training or discipline or protocols. They can walk into a store and buy the most lethal and dangerous weapon in the world, take it home, and have literally no idea how to even use it. And by the time they learn to use it, there has been no Firearm Safety attached to any of it, no discipline, no standardized testing or evaluation, and we end up with a society that’s an extremely dangerous place to live. I’m willing to bet a large number of deaths attributed to suicide were actually the person improperly handling his or her firearm.

Would we give everyone a Claymore Mine? and not even bother teaching them how or when to use it? would we hand out Plutonium to people without teaching people how to handle it safely? Or give someone a weapon of death and mass destruction and not teach them how to use it, and require them pass an extensive test proving their competence?

Of course not. That would be the most reckless, silly thing known to man.

And a lot of these people don’t see firearms for the weapons of instant death they are, and only see something cool, tough, fun, like a toy, and many of them use them like they would a toy, thinking that gun safety is all just common sense from your head, which it isn’t. And that’s why you have kids who think it’s some sort of game to take a gun to school and show it to their friends and use it to shoot their enemies. It starts in the home, and I’ll guarantee every school shooting comes straight from a home where the gun owner is self-taught, and thinks guns are cool.
Personal Experience with Gun Laws:

I was once involved in a Situation where a person used Stand Your Ground to try and kill me. It was a Road Rage Incident, where this guy was shouting and swerving all over the road about something I did. So I ran the red light to get away from him, he also then proceeded to run the red light and chase me down, attempting to run me off the road.

He told me to pull over and he was going to kick my ass [sic.] and so I pulled down a quiet side street a couple of blocks where we could fight. He had an Army Sticker on his Truck, and for sure he saw the Navy Sticker on mine. I figured it was time he learned a little lesson about the Navy.

I was living in Utah at the time, which has a law against any fighting at all. Two people cannot legally agree to a fight in Utah, yet fights happen all the time. I don’t see anything wrong with mutually agreeing to fight, but then, this is Utah. So I thought it would be a pretty simple and quick fight, maybe ending when someone gets knocked down or walks away, etc. I exited my vehicle and walked towards his truck, he was still sitting in his truck as I approached. I hiked up my pants ready to get some good kicks in, and he reached behind his seat and pulled out a handgun. I put my hands out and walked backwards and he racked his firearm and aggressively exited his vehicle with his pistol drawn and aimed right at me. He could obviously see I had no gun, and that there was no lethal firearm threat towards him, yet he proceeded to aggressively threaten me with his Firearm. I had walked backwards with my arms out probably 20-30 yards and he was still closing distance with the gun aimed at me, finger on the trigger. We were on a pretty quiet street around 10-11 am on a weekday and nobody was around. He kept carefully aiming and lifting his shoulder as if was about to pull the trigger. I started shouting loudly and waving my arms about, and it took him about 5 seconds to realize what I was doing, at which point he abruptly stopped in his tracks and started looking at the windows in the apartment buildings and houses that surrounded us, at which point he relaxed his shoulder and arm and started talking more smack.

I told him I was calling the police, and he said “fine, call them”, so I did. He got back in his truck and said that he’s wait for the police to arrive. I told the 911 operator that the guy had pulled a handgun and was threatening to kill me. When the Police arrived 5-10 minutes later there were about 20 police cars. They talked to him separately, then talked to me separately. I told my story, and he apparently told them that he felt his life was in danger, which the Utah Police thought was a Just Cause for him pulling out a gun and almost killing me. Again, it was he who was the aggressor, fanatically so, and we’d made a mutual agreement to engage in a fair fight. The Utah Police didn’t even reprimand him with anything, they just let him walk away, just moments after nearly murdering an unarmed person in cold blood on the city streets.

I went and talked to the District Attorney and they threatened to arrest me and put me in Jail for volunteering to engage in a mutually-agreed upon fight. That’s all they would do. They wouldn’t do anything to the person who pulled the gun, and if the person had shot me, he would be justified in Mormon-controlled Utah, according to Utah law. They saw no difference between agreeing to fight someone with no weapons, and murdering an unarmed person in cold blood with a firearm.

Meaning, If i had tried to punch him with my fist, even though he was the Aggressor, and even though he agreed to a mutual fight, he could have used his firearm to use Lethal Force Against me, and murdered me in the street, and would not have gotten into any trouble at all. I’m Hawaiian, English, Irish, German, Chinese and Native American, but people often think I’m from Mexico or something. The case and point here is that these laws protect who they want to protect, in this case a white trash hillbilly redneck, and he would have gotten off freely for my murder. For certain he would have if he had said he was a Mormon. Had I or anyone tan or non-mormon killed him, on the other hand, I’m quite certain that would have been seen as an atrocious murder and been carefully investigated and led to a prison sentence.

At any rate, the little clown proved me right about the Army being a bunch of sissies.

That’s the nature of these laws, ambiguous in the extreme, by design, to allow room to punish and protect freely whomever they see fit.

Utah and Idaho are both two sides of the same coin. Both heavily influenced by the Confederate Southerners who came to Idaho and this region during a mass exodus from the South by Confederate Soldiers after they lost the Civil War, the biggest Southern emigration in U.S. History. They brought with them many of their Racist Doctrines and hateful racist beliefs. The Mormons were also very strong supporters of Slavery and were among the most powerful voices against the Abolitionist movement in the South. They also have a belief that anyone who isn’t snowy white was hated by god and weren’t very good people in heaven, before coming to earth, so they are all being punished. That’s really a thing in Mormon circles, and quite defining of the Mormons.

On several occasions I have caught Suburban white Mormons harassing and bullying African women and saying the worst things, and giving the worst most vile and evil looks I’ve ever seen, whilst making the most rude and snide comments to them when they thought no one else was looking, just because they were African and for no other reason. And as soon as they were confronted or saw someone else approaching they instantly turned to bright friendly smiles and waves and drove away. I see them trying to run them down with their vehicles, threateningly and menacingly using their vehicles to intimidate and bully African people in Utah. If that doesn’t bother you or deeply disturb you, nothing will.

Utah is very much like a Southern State, its dominate by an ultra-conservative religion who controls the lives of the people by controlling the politics of the state through religious imperialism. They are one of the most red states in America, they had the lowest percentage of people voting for Hillary in all of America, and if you take away the votes given to the Mormon CIA guy who popped up a couple of weeks before the election to help Utah try and not look like the biggest bunch of racists in America, Utah had the highest percentage of Trump supporters in the Nation, a man who appeals only to the racists and white supremacists. Mormonism in Utah & Idaho gave rise to the Neo-Nazi movement, and the region is home to some of the biggest racist populations in America. Their entire religion is centered around White Supremacy.

These are the places where these Stand Your Ground Laws are most widely adopted and embraced, as it allows them to punish minorities and protect the white supremacists and racist who murder ethnic or religious minorities. It allows them to pardon all murders they like, and punish all murders they don’t like, regardless of the fact that the circumstances of each murder were identical.
Psychometric Testing:

  • Give Extensive Psychological Evaluations
  • Conduct FBI Background Investigations
  • Conduct IQ Tests
  • Conduct EQ Tests
  • Conduct a test designed to identify Racists, Sociopaths, and Psychopaths.
  • Conduct a lie detector test asking about various races, immigration, immigrants, religions, intent, background, feelings etc
  • Interview Neighbors, send out forms to 10 random employers, teachers, family & peers to fill out.
  • Require a Gun Safety Coarse and a score of 200/200 on a comprehensive exam regarding laws and gun safety, pulled from a random pool or 1000 questions.
  • Conduct a Social Media Investigation
  • Run the person through the NSA database
  • Annual Psych Evaluations
  • Mandatory Employer & Police Reporting of any aggressive or Racist Behavior
  • Annual Background Checks

These tests & checks will reduce most suicides by firearm, and even most mass shootings and other gun deaths.
Gun Control & the Constitutionality of Guns:

These rulings against Gun Control were done by Americas most notorious villains in the most Racist & Murderous Confederate States. They are all also only judgements.

If you are against Abortion and think that Roe Vs Wade should be Overturned, or if you are against Gay Marriage, and think that should be banned or illegal, you have a very clear idea of how easily these laws can change and be overturned, and how little they have to do with the Constitution.

As you want to end Gay Marriage & make Abortions Illegal, so too can we repeal every Gun Law ever made, and revert to a Nation of Strict Gun Control Laws making the right for any American to hold a gun for private use and protection patently illegal, as not one whit of those laws pertains to anything to do with the Second Amendment.

That is not your Second Amendment Right, nor is it protected by the Second Amendment. Period. End of Story. Thank you, and Goodnight.

*Mic Drop*

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