Alien Contact – A Reality (Check)

There are a Trillions upon Trillions of solar systems just like ours, each with the potential for a world just like ours, and undoubtedly life on countless such worlds, but we’ll never find any of it, and here’s why.

If other planets are in fact just like ours, you could take all of earth’s resources, literally everything on earth, and not get anywhere near the next closest solar system. World’s simply don’t have the resources to get anything to the nearest solar system let alone the countless others well beyond that. Space is simply far too big. It’s the sheer vastness of space that we seem to underestimate.

You could build a ship using up the entire planet, until earth was gone for good and everything that was earth is now used as fuel for your ship and you still wouldn’t even come close to getting anywhere in this Galaxy, let alone this Universe.

The vastness is incomprehensible by earth terms, as nothing we have can be equated to anything more than a tiny molecule on a single speck of dust.

Furthermore, our entire recorded history is only around 10,000 years old and we’ve already almost destroyed our planet. We’ve had the power to send signals into space for less than 100 years, and our Earth is already nearly uninhabitable. That amount of time is incomprehensibly miniscule on a Universal scale. Our entire civilization came and disappeared in the tiniest twinkling of a star.

Nobody in the universe is even paying attention for that tiny amount of time, and the odds that some other civilization advanced for 50 years would be able to see us when we were this age is so astronomical it’s actually just comical.

The universe is truly and factually immeasurable, and the distance between inhabitable planets so astoundingly great that any civilization would have passed away, destroyed itself and used up all of its planet’s resources before light from any other planet could ever even reach it.

You couldn’t even exist at the same time as another civilization in order to communicate at the speed of light, you’d have to be simply sending and receiving messages from dead planets and extinct civilizations and inhabitants, and the odds of that timing lining up are incalculably impossible.

Take Star Wars. A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Now imagine that in reality. Every species and event in Star wars would have passed away by the time any of that information landed on our planet.

Planets simply aren’t big enough to connect in the vastness of space, each planet but a speck of dust separated by near infinite space. It’s like a flea in China trying to find a flea on Pluto, times a billion.

The best we’ve come up with actually required an entire gigantic world of Dinosaurs to evolve from amoeba, then go extinct and then fossilize and then go way beyond fossilization, in order to even propel us to the moon in our silly little rockets. It’s embarrassingly stupid.

If a space ship from another world ever did enter our atmosphere as a UFO and land on our planet, it would contain a little fossilized skeleton of whoever was dumb enough to try and explore the vastness of space a billion years ago.

The only person who seems to have had the slightest grasp on the size of our universe was the person to name it “Space”. It has the same meaning in every language I’ve ever heard it in. It all just means room, emptiness, just nothing but lots and lots of space. If it were the largest empty house on earth, you couldn’t even be a Neutron in an Atom for scale comparison, not even a single neutron all alone on earth.

Going to Mars is like living on a desert island with a single coconut tree, chopping down the tree to build a crappy canoe, piling all your coconuts on board, all to set sail for that tiny empty pointed rock you can see from your beach, losing half of your coconuts along the way, just to say you touched it, and perhaps hope it has a new and different bacteria to get into your reef cuts which your island doesn’t have, then turn around and come back to your suffering and neglected island, or set up a new home on the dead Rock you landed on, which is just big enough for you to stand on.

Or like taking all of the resources and money on earth, putting them into a rocket, and launching them out of the atmosphere, to float around in space, lost forever, while everyone on earth starves to death.

All this silliness of space travel does is take focus away from all our problems here on earth and the fact that we’re nearing our own extinction and planetary death from our own eating habits and greed.

The best we can do is to keep the light of earth on a split second longer by fighting to save the world and protect our water and atmosphere as long as we possibly can, and not be a world full of hate and loathing of these inhabitants whilst promising to treat people from other planets and species nicer than we treat people from other countries and races.

The money governments spend is simply an excuse not to spend it on improving the lives of the citizens, and any private companies or individuals funding space travel simply aren’t paying enough taxes.

Wake up. Stop this silly daydreaming. Or we’ll all just be tiny skeletons together in a cold dead coffin planet screaming through and endless void.

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