On Political Correctness

We always hear complaints about Political Correctness hindering Free Speech, and attacking Political Correctness is a Standard stance of people who feel they are being oppressed.

However, the entire reason for Political Correctness is to stop oppression, harrasment, bullying, belittling, racism, bigotry, misogyny, etc.

The main two groups involved are ususally the Liberals on one side viewed as those enforcing Political Correctness, and on the other side is the group that we generlly refer to as Conservatives, and those wanting to say and do things others find offensive or oppressive.

This is to say, on the one side is people offending & insulting people, and the other side is people who want you to stop offending & insulting people.

We have free speech in America, but we don’t have the freedom to spew Hate Speech. The First Amendment is for civil intellectual discourse, not for hateful diatribe and vile, insipid spite.

You can say that you don’t hate gay people or African American people or immigrants, but when the words that come out of your mouth are insulting, hurtful, derogatory, mean, degrading, belittling, rude, demeaning, hateful, or spiteful, it doesn’t mater what you claim, the truth to the contrary is very apparent.

The most common claim is that this is the way it’s always been, or this is tradition, or culture, or the way your pappy used to speak, or how you were raised, or it’s what you did when you were a kid, etc.

These are excuses which try to justify the inexcuable.

Politically Correctness, as a term, is just a way to try and dimnish and disregard the importance of identifying our own bad behaviors, and changing those behaviors, and behaving more sensitively and civily.

People embracing and engaging in offensive & rude behaviors are the ones labeling good behaviors as “Politcal Correctness”, as a means of further demeaning even the people asking them to use more educated, intelligent, caring, empathetic, and cultured language.

Indeed, the very term “Politically Correct” is yet simply another insult by the people determined to continue being rude and insulting.

Everytime we allow people to use the term Politically Correct, we are giving more power to the most vile & offensive people in society, the ones that are determined to maintain the status quo.

That status quo is, you guessed it, the standard dominant & entitled people in society. In most every society, that is men. The vast majority of “Political Correctness” is centered around females.

In America, that’s also what we refer to as the generic “white”, Heterosexual, and “Christian” male who believes the world is made for him and his pleasure alone.

Thus, every instance of Political Correctness is about pretty much every single other marginalized and oppressed group in society, be it women, ethnic minorities outside of this generic “white” hetero male group, and about those from other sexual orientations or gender identities, people from other countries, people with other cultures, who speak other laguages, or who have other religions, other beliefs, etc, (as usual).

In essence, the battle behind Politcal Correctness is getting the former group to simply act with basic human decency and respect towards every other group (again, as usual).

The fact that we have battles over Politcal Correctness is testament to the general vile and deplorable nature of the former, previously dominant group.

They simply don’t want to say nice things about people they are strongly predjudiced against, or who they believe are inferior or less entitled to respect and happiness, or who don’t share their religion or beliefs, or lifestyle etc.

They simply aren’t going to say nice things about other types of human beings. That is the only propblem we are having. We don’t say N*gg*r anymore, that was a hard won victory which was like pulling teeth from those whining over Political Correctness. We also don’t use the term Black. It’s wrong, as useless and meaningless as this ludicrous term “white”. We don’t call Asian people Yellow, Native Americans Red, or every single other race on earth “Brown”. That simply doesn’t make any sense. So call them Asian, Asian American, African, African American, Native American, Latin American, Polynesian, Caucasian American, Celt American, Germanic American, Scandinavian, Scandinavian American, etc.

These behaviors aren’t “politically correct”, they’re Just Correct, or “Right”. Calling them Politically Correct means that you don’t believe it’s actually correct, and would instead prefer to carry on hurting, offending, belittling, or harassing other people.

What it basically boils down to is the things you know you can’t get away with saying to everyone in all places, are the things you thoroughly enjoy saying when you’re behind closed doors or surrounded by your ilk, who are as vile and offensive as you are, and you’re put out when you can’t be your slimey, obtuse, ignorant and offensive self.

Just grow tf up. Be nice to other people. Say whatever they would like you to say and don’t be offfensive. If you can’t help but be offensive, do us all a favor and stay in your little shack in the hills, and stop going outside, stop talking to other people, and gtfo of public places. And when you’re at home, practice trying not to be an offensive slob for a few moments out of the day, and build upon that until you’re no longer white trash.

Think about other people. Try to have some empathy, it’s what separates humans from animals. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Try thinking of someone other than yourself and what you want. Keep your personal beliefs in your home, nobody cares about them. Be sensitive to the cultures, beliefs, ideas and feelings of other people. Keep things to yourself, we don’t need you laying yourself out in your underwear on the sofa of our culture with your hand down your pants and a beer on top of your belly. Be respectful of the rights of others and mindful of their presence.

Stop being offensive and people will stop being offended. See how that works? Stop hurting people’s feelings and their feelings will stop being hurt. Seeing a pattern here?

In conclusion, Stop being such an inbred loud-mouthed perverted babbling mindless hate-filled hurtful bigoted hillbilly. Think before you open your mouth. Stop sucking.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, like every time you open your mouth you’re going to offend someone, just remember this surefire secret: Shut your mouth. It’s literally impossible to offend anyone if you shut your mouth and mind your own business.

Here are some quotes you may find useful on your journey:

“Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.”

“Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

“It is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

“Fake it ’til you make it.” e.g. If you can’t be a decent human being, at least pretend to be, everyday, and hopefully someday it’ll just be who you are.

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