Microsoft’s Dark Agenda for Office, OneDrive, & Windows 10


Microsoft has been purposely breaking things in their past softwares in order to force upgrades to their spyware programs such as Office365 & Windows10.

For Example, in Office 2016 Professional Plus, You cannot ctrl+click to desselect a cell. This was a feature that has always been apart of Excel. They disabled it in 2016, making it just darken the cell selection until it turns completely black, which has no useful functionality whatsoever, just to do something with the ctrl+click function they purposely removed.

They accidentally released an update where it worked, and you could ctrl+click to deselect a cell. They panicked and quickly released a patch which removed the functionality back to being completely pointless darkening to black (which isn’t even the cell color, just the selection gets darker, as if layering clicks, obviously a broken function)

It was removed to force people to downgrade from 2016 professional to their Office 365 perpetual payment licensing spyware which collects your data and uploads everything to their servers, which you will pay a steep annual fee for the pleasure of, or else force you to pay for Office 2019 professional, which itself has the same Office365 spyware functionality & 365 Licensing permissions built in to it.

Its highly unscrupulous and dishonest, but is most definitely par for the course for Microsoft since their Windows 10 NSAshareware.

It’s akin to making your right mouse button put a big red blob on your document unless you pay Microsoft more money to remove it.

On the Bright side, both Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice are each developing rather nicely, and have become quite robust & highly viable Microsoft product replacements, far superior in most cases.

Unfortunately, Linux hasn’t caught up to Windows XP even.

If you are using Office365, you may as well just switch over to GoogleOffice at this point, at least they’re transparent with their data collection & intellectual property theft.

Is it more likely that Microsoft has just run out of ideas to entice you to upgrade to 2019, so they just break basic existing functionality?

Or is it far more likely that they are as desperate for everyone to get on Office365 as they are to get everyone on Windows10, and NEED you off of the legacy ware because they need your information, because they’ve become mere mass data-collection spyware jointly operated with the NSA?

They’ve already done with Windows 10 what Apple did long ago for the NSA with their OS’s. They’ve also long been attempting to turn to a Google model of selling User Psychographic data for profits.

Microsoft OneDrive is set up with similarly, with carefully programmed shenanigans built in which simply expose all your data to nearly anyone, which I guess they feel makes it ok for them to use it themselves and give the NSA backdoors to your information as well.

Getting you onto Office365 is as integral to their devious schemes as getting you on Windows10 was and is. In fact, not only are they ending support in January 2020 and everyone MUST upgrade to Windows 10, they’ve even gone so far as to say that nobody should install Windows 10 unless it’s on a brand new computer, and this because newer Hard Drives are coming preloaded from the manufacturer with NSA spyware that works seamlessly with Windows 10. China has done this with the manufacturers of their Hard Drives for a number of years.

I was recently on the phone with Microsoft Support for 3 straight weeks, most of the day, most of the week, trying to get them to stop secretly upgrading my Office 2019 Professional Plus license to a joint Office 365 license, a very hidden move they didn’t think I’d notice, and I’m sure 99.999% of users don’t.

After 3 weeks and 20 different Scorched Earth fresh installs with Complete manual Registry scrubs by the best Microsoft has to offer, and after reaching the very top echelon of the Microsoft Tech Support Elite Levels that they won’t ever even admit exists, and after those elite top techs started poking around and asking questions across teams, I was immediately dropped without a word. And I posed this scenario to them as well and the top techs didn’t believe me, but went searching for answers as to why, inexplicably, the Office 2019 Professional Plus kept magically adding in an Office365 Co-License, as soon as the Computer accessed the internet.

Also, whenever I pose any of the above questions on one of Microsoft’s own forums, the moderators promptly delete the post and ban me. So I’m posting this here for all to see.

So, for sure this is exactly what is happening, and anyone who’s been paying attention to these things since the early 90’s will surely agree.

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