Americanism & The Great Divide



A word when you hear it undoubtedly stirs great emotion, most of it very mixed, and depending on where on the planet you’re from, much of it very negative.

American denotes mere commonality by geographical location; a term used to essentially define everything and everyone which belong to the infantile country, the United States of America.

It’s among the absolute newest countries on the planet, having only been in existence in its most basic form for around 240 years. That is to say, America has only existed for about the length of the lives of about 3 people.

Within the first 8 years, the minuscule country of America had been given all of the land East of the Mississippi by Great Britain.

Within its first 25 years, America, through a series of bullies & threats, managed to purchase a claim to the Louisiana Territory from France. The purchase was strongly opposed, and very unconstitutional, but, much like happens in Congress today, the same people who procured the Territory from France were the same people who would have argued it unconstitutional were it something similar done by their political opponents. Thus we see the behaviors of greed and pushing ones own monetary agenda through congress by the same rules that are used to block motions which are not financially motivated by their opponents, which plague America today, occurring in the earliest of American politics.

Despite its cunning, dishonest, and manipulative ways, Americans thrived in the lands east of the Mississippi (America Proper) in the first 45 years of its existence as a Nation. In the following 30 years, it raped, murdered, pillaged, plundered, cheated, bullied and threatened its way into becoming what is recognizable as the continental United States today.

In less than 80 years, or within about 1/3 of it’s existence or within the lifespan of a single person, America went from one small country, to one very large mass, through what was a very unscrupulous, ruthless, vicious, murderous, manipulative, dishonest, thieving, greedy, tyrannical, and utterly genocidal endeavor, one which saw the destruction and/or extinction of many races and cultures. The process was wholly unconstitutional, by their own constitution, most of it strongly opposed by the American population and Congress. Again, those in power used the constitution as a tool in whichever way helped them justify their ends.

They attack people for small insignificant things, and excuse themselves for the largest and most heinous & detrimental of things.

The means always justify the ends, for these types of greedy Americans. In fact, anytime you have financial gain as your Ends, there is no means which you cannot justify to achieve those ends, as the ends are, in and of themselves, wholly void of anything meaningful or good.

The USA can be likened to Israel, if in 80 years of bloodshed, theft, greed, genocide, lying, deceiving, and manipulating, they ended up owning the entire Middle East, and everyone else in the Middle East who is not Israeli is forced to live on small allocated plantations, taken from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and every other country, which the Israelis now use as vacation and Staycation travel destinations for their own families, having far more land then they can use, and sparsely populating the land they now possess. We can take this a step further into reality and imagine if the Israeli people really hated everyone else who’s land they took possession of, and went to great lengths to ensure that the land was dominated by Israelis only. That’s very essentially America.

And it wasn’t until America was nearly half of its age that it obtained the rest of the land it calls its own, again, through some of the most unscrupulous, dishonest, and downright illegal thefts in modern world history. Truly, America has done worse than nearly every enemy America has ever made war with.

Within 85 years of its inception, or around 1/3 of its existence or the lifetime of one single person, America erupted into one of the biggest Civil Wars in Recorded World History. They couldn’t last the lifetime of a single individual, and ended up murdering each other almost entirely. The newest country in existence just about came to its end, and in many ways, it did. What emerged was one half of America cloaked in darkness, beneath the robes of the other half.

This story is one of the ancient paradoxes of war. How can you live peacefully with the enemy you’ve just conquered? How can you expect or trust or build a kinship with those who’ve just murdered your father, brothers and uncles, or who’s father & relatives you’ve just murdered?

The Native Americans were put on reservations and were made sure to feel like they were disliked and not trusted.

The Confederate South and their ilk were almost immediately given full access to government, full voting rights, full representation in Government. Thus, their enemy, whom they’d just defeated and who truly hated them, had been given the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. All the South essentially needed was more voters to basically have control of the entire country.

It may seem almost comical, or as if something far more subversive was at work, some darker forces perhaps pulling the strings, but it created the very definition of what America is today.

I recently read an article of a teacher in the Southern state of Florida who made a multiple choice exam for her students. one question was something like: Which president is the 45th president in 2017, is in Real Estate, and is an Idiot? a) Trump, b) Reagan, c) Bush d) Obama

The teacher was reassigned due to backlash from the Floridian residents after an anonymous Parent complained. Most of the complaints were attacking “Liberals” in general.

This example is quintessentially American, and all of America’s problems can be seen within it.

America, having such a very short, tumultuous history, and having always such a tentative present seemingly secured though an endless string of frauds and horrific endeavors, has very little to offer the young children in terms of societal heritage and parental cultures. We can say that there isn’t much expectation in the realm of cultural awareness for children growing up in America. There isn’t much culture which exists, and almost no history to speak of, save it be a short and violent history of greed, malevolence, hatred, murder, rape, slavery, bigotry, racism, oppression, thievery and maleficence.

The one communal continuity coursing through their small and fragmented societies is a brand of Christian religion requiring the highest levels of Cognitive Dissonance to embrace. Widespread, almost universally, in American & even most European Christian Religions is a general idea that you are superior to others, you can therefore hurt, rape, murder, and steal from others, and that your God favors you by and large because of the color of your skin tone, and secondly by virtue of you having been thus indoctrinated into such a very obviously manipulative toolbox of a belief system.

It allows people to enjoy their lives whilst murdering slaves, driving people from their homes, marching them onto reservations, blowing them up in their villages, or locking their children up in cages; as if Cognitive Dissonance itself were the only actual meaningful religion for them.

This, of course, leads them to the incessant need to claim to be better, or more self-righteous than everyone else on earth, or even more than those within their own societies, and this is highly pervasive and a major bane of living in America amongst such.

This is, essentially, the sum total of their culture. Of course, a big part of that Church of the Cognitively Dissonant is no insignificant amount of Nationalism and a very Nationalist Identity revolving around themselves in its entirety.

Thus, the children grow up simply as a Nationalist Identity, with a fractured and very compartmentalized system of fear and loathing, overcompensated for by a conjured up pride, whilst eschewing the word at large.

It’s really quite remarkably like children growing up in the Khmer Rouge might experience, where education and understanding, clarity, empathy and open-mindedness are not only left by the wayside but are even looked down upon, and things like national identity and white identity coupled with the same belief system that keeps them feeling empowered by virtue of their identity, materialize merely as White Nationalism and thinly veiled hate.

White Nationalism has been around in America, wildly, since the Jacksonian Era, heralded by U.S. President Andrew Jackson, himself of the Southern Confederacy. Though he appears, historically, to be one of the most White Nationalist people in American history, he was simply one of millions, one of perhaps half of all Americans with these similar sentiments and beliefs. His face still appears on the American $20 Bill to this day, thereby celebrated by those in power, in perpetuity. It’s essentially just a giant confederate Monument you’re carrying around in your pocket. Perhaps it’s quite suitable that he’s on the most common currency note in America, denoting America’s long and sordid history of doing anything for money.

What we are left with, then, is a very large percentage of the American population who can really be classified very accurately as Idiots. In fact, when you travel overseas to nearly any country on earth, the first thing people automatically assume as soon as you tell them you’re an American or you’re from America, is that you’re an Idiot, of some sort.

The term “American Idiot” was not coined by Green Day, but is a simple basic sentiment of everyone else on earth. Even knowing this, however, does not deter Americans. You could tell them this all day long and they will simply think that everyone else in the world is just envious of them and all that they have, or just jealous that they too aren’t Americans, or otherwise just keep telling themselves that they’re Americans and thus the best thing in the world. That is definitely no overstatement.

Do you hate idiots? Usually not. Most of the world doesn’t hate Americans, usually, depending on who’s president and who we’re off murdering. Americans are just really, truly, idiots. If you’re American and you’re reading this, you probably strongly disagree – Naturally. That doesn’t mean that you’re not an idiot.

When I first left American and became a Borderless International Expatriate for 14 years, I felt like a genuine Idiot. I didn’t realize how ignorant I really was. The more Expatriates I met from more countries, the more absolutely ignorant I felt. At the time I was already far more open-minded than any American I knew. So, I can only assume if you’ve been an expatriate living at a local level anywhere on earth, from America originally, and you don’t feel extremely ignorant, you’re simply not intelligent enough to grasp the gravitas of your situation and surroundings, unable to comprehend your own ignorance, due to your profound naivete.

Idiots can be defined by their lack of knowledge, understanding, and, truly, their level of cognitive dissonance. In most any culture in the world, including the highly esteemed Northern European ones, some of the greatest compliments that they could ever pay you, in their words, are calling you “open-minded” and “liberal”. Those are words which are used in conjunction with word such as “wonderful”, “kind”, “smart”, “happy”, and so on.

If you view being open-minded or liberal as negative things, you cannot be said to be anything other than an idiot, by definition.

The opposite of Liberal and Open-minded are words strongly associated with Cognitive Dissonance, White Nationalism, and Stupidity.

Thus, when Americans vote, the world at large sees a bunch of idiots voting. When we go to war, the world sees a bunch of idiots with Weapons of Mass Destruction. And when we vote, in America, we cannot but vote for Idiots. If you were to ask a bunch of Circus Clowns to vote amongst themselves for a leader, their leader, too, would be a Circus Clown – naturally, again.

Likewise, it is a statistical probability that if your population is thus by and large at the far top end of the Idiot Scale, that your president will, in turn, be at the far top end of the idiot scale.

Arguing that he’s not an idiot is like the circus clowns arguing their elected leader isn’t a circus clown. Just embrace it, live it, breathe it, accept it, you’re an idiot, it’s your mantra.

You say “American”. The world hears “Idiot”.

Your leaders are idiots because you are idiots. That’s the inescapable truth. If you weren’t all Idiots, your Idiots wouldn’t be electable. The fact that your Idiots get elected is indisputable proof that you are, unequivocally, an Idiot.

And because it’s such an ingrained part of being an American, it’s where all your pride as an American lies. You want to be that hillbilly from the hills in the backwoods who didn’t get no education and don’t need none of them big city ways & learnin’, don’t you.

Such are a disgrace to the human race. There aren’t people in 3rd world countries thinking that being the village idiot from the outskirt villa is the way to be. Thats rather uniquely American, or, perhaps more precisely, ‘mericun, and beyond that, Idiocy.

Not only are you an idiot, you take pride in being an idiot, and want to be an idiot, with dreams of becoming an even bigger idiot, so as not be outdone by them bigger idiots you look up to.

And this is what we’re raising up, but hey, they’ve got their guns, too.

The sheer numbers of American Idiots are mind-boggling even for most Americans who might not think of themselves as idiots. But remember, just merely being an American also puts you in the greater category of Idiots by the world community. You’re just seen as the lesser idiots.

People in the rest of the world don’t vote against their own self-interests or in the interests of the powerful oligarchy whilst residing in a country where your vote can actually make a difference, and which you tout around as the very epitome of freedom for mankind, just so they can hurt the members of another party.

You’re an idiot.

People who aren’t idiots, those in most other countries on earth, take to the streets, riot, and oust the corrupt greedy thieves, liars, and rent down the oligarchical tyrants, in unity.

Americans, by stark contrast, vote for those who will do the most damage to their political rivals & enemies, and people they don’t like.

You’re an idiot.

You don’t like brown people or immigrants, which people are very American and an integral part of America, so you vote for someone who will hurt them.

You’re an idiot.

You don’t like Labor unions, which are very American, so you vote for someone who will destroy them.

You’re an idiot.

You don’t like Socialism or Universal Healthcare, or Universal Education or Basic Living Allowance BECAUSE it would mean that someone you hate would have access to them as well, and so you vote for someone who will destroy them.

You’re an idiot.

You don’t like a fair and livable minimum wage BECAUSE it would mean the people you hate would get paid fairly as well, so you vote for someone who will destroy them.

You’re an idiot.

You support Government programs which target Americans and invade every personal basic human right of everyone, just so you can show that you’re more in line with the dictatorial regime than all the other enemies of the state who you might perhaps hope would be shot for speaking out against the Nation and its leaders, in a more perfect world.

You’re just an idiot on every level.

And there’s really nothing to do but let America devolve, once again, into the chaos from whence is sprang.

The numbers of Idiots in America are astronomical. There’s no reasoning or arguing with the the self-deluded delusional Congregation of the Cognitive Dissonant in their hate, who are born of hatred, theft, murders, lies and genocide, who hold these things dear to their hearts.

Don’t bother giving them nor their little leaders & lawyers & tricksters attention. It’s what feeds them. Just unfollow them on twitter, ignore their tweets, ignore their idiocy, ignore their entire Congregation of Idiots.

Let them destroy themselves.

Let them vote against themselves and their best interests, and for the power & money of the elite few puppet-masters pulling their strings.

Let them murder and war and pillage and steal as they are born to do.

Idiots be what Idiots are.

Let them teach themselves and their ilk to stand against open-mindedness and being liberal, it’s their definitive works.

Let them build societies which bleed and destroy their own people for profits of mega-industrial complexes, its how they roll, and could hardly be called idiots if they didn’t.

Let them listen to those who spew continual lies day and night before us all, and let them bring their hatred against their fellow mankind, in their idiot’s wrath, who would they be if they didn’t?

Let them line their pockets on the backs on the impoverished and oppressed who they keep underfoot. Pop-up Countries need to get it while the gettin’s good.

If not for the idiots, would there even be an American left?

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