Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Complete Moves List as Searchable Offline PDF – Sorted Alphabetically by Character


Here is a Complete SFV AE  Moves List Chart that you can download to scroll & search through. It’s Sorted Alphabetically by Character from Abigail to Zeku.

It’s a lot less cumbersome and quicker to navigate than trying to open a browser in another monitor or minimizing your game and searching online through all the spammy ads and videos, which also consumes a lot of bandwidth and slows your game speed down, giving you laggy matches.

I think everyone on SFV is just playing all the other characters besides their mains now, so this should come in useful.

This is great to use on a tablet or phone near your PC or console for very quick, no-nonsense info. It’s a smaller compact version of the SF Fandom Wiki Info which I took & made into a much easier to use PDF.

SFV AE Complete Moves List PDF

I recommend using SumatraPDF Portable to view it on PC, as it ran at just 9,000k memory.

Here is a list of my quick memory testing with ways to view it on PC:

  • Google Chrome Browser: 250,000k (Chrome opens like 15 instances of chrome.exe for just one tab!)
  • Opera Browser: 220,000k (also opens over 10 instances of itself for a single tab!)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: 85,000k
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser: 41,000k
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional: 37,000k
  • Sumatra PDF Portable: 9,000k

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