Dark Souls III Late Game PvE Soul Farming – DS2 Giant Lord Equivalent.

Here’s a dialed-in PvE Soul Run in NG yielding 113,724 souls in about 90 seconds, give or take, depending on what goes on and how careful you are. Don’t farm this area seriously until you have the +3 Rings, then come back before NG+ and get to the soul level you want.

This is by far the best soul farming area in all of DS3. My next soul level would have cost me around 250,000 souls, I leveled up 10 times from there from over 3,000,000 souls I got in about 45 minutes, to SL205, where my next soul level costs something like 320,000. This is quite comparable to the Giant Lord in DS2, I feel, even though leveling up in DS3 is overall harder.

When I tried making the video I started screwing the run up a bit, but you can get the general idea.

Some key points are:
1. Run straight to the elevator floor button then walk backwards towards where you came in to get off the button.
2. On your way up, switch to Rapport, Pyro Glove & Shield of Want
3. At the top, don’t move til you hear the floor button pop up, then speed run straight over the button and out of the elevator and up the stairs and around to your left
4. Leave the Symbol of Avarice on all the time, and just use Estus whenever needed, but you shouldn’t need it more than once, if at all.
5. Look at the roof top as you approach the archway, and when you see them aggro just head back, then lock on just as they land, walk closer, and Rapport the closest guy.
6. Try to fire CSS when they are both lined up so it hits them both
7. Run up and kill the second guy before Rapport wears off, if the 3rd guy isn’t watching
8. Try not to aggro the 3rd guy, if you do, hide out for a few seconds and he should turn away from you.
9. Refill Estus, and make sure you have enough Ashen to get home, then pick up any drops before Rapporting the 3rd guy
10. Stop when he is one swing from death, then swing once to ensure you don’t swing a second time and miss souls, then switch to the Medicant’s staff in the next slot right after the final hit
11. Pick up the 3rd guy’s drop and switch your left hand to the Talisman and Cast Homeward to the Bonfire Last rested at
12. Unlike DS2, in DS3 Homeward automatically resets everything, as if you rested at the bonfire, without needing to actually sit at the bonfire, which speeds things up quite a bit.

1 – Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3
2 – Covetpous Gold Serpent Ring +3
3 – Lingering Dragoncrest Ring
4 – Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, since I’m using Sorceries, but use whatever works for your build here

R1 – Pyromancy Flame +10
R2 – Chaos Exile Curved Greatsword +10
R3 – Mendicant’s Staff +9
L1 – Shield of Want
L2 – Any Miracle Caster, I used the Sunless Talisman +5 here, but the Saint-tree Bellvine is faster still

Attuned Spells:
1 – Rapport Pyromancy
2 – Crystal Souls Spear Sorcery
3 – Homeward Miracle

Helm: Symbol of Avarice

Total Weight lower than 70%


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