Dark Souls III Pale Tongue (Rosaria’s Finger’s Covenant) PvE Farming

Attune your Miracle or Sorcery to whatever knocks them one hit away from death, and also attune the Homeward Miracle

Equip the appropriate Clutch Ring, one or two Boost Rings, etc til you get a wraith within one shot of death, or maybe 2 or 3 shots ending with one hit away from death etc if you need to. Also Equip the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3.

In your Right Hand first slot, equip a Hollow +10 Weapon (to increase Item Discovery) capable of finishing the job in one hit. Equip your catalyst in the second slot.

In your Left hand first slot, equip the Crystal Sage’s Rapier, and in the second slot Equip a Miracle Catalyst if you aren’t using one in your right hand. The Saint-tree Bellvine is the fastest.

1. Spawn at the Farron Keep Perimeter Bonfire
2. Run through the door to get a visual on the Darkwraiths & set up your Spell, RH Catalyst & LH Crystal Sage’s Rapier
3. Hit the last Wraith first, at max distance, and switch to your +10 Hollow weapon (I’m using a Hollow Harald Curved Greatsword +10 here)
4. Hit him when he’s just in range to finish him off
5. Repeat on the second wraith, Pick up the drops, switch to your Miracle Catalyst & Homeward Spell aand Return to Last Bonfire Rested At.

Key Points:
– You need to have your Crystal Sage’s Rapier and +10 Hollow Weapon both out as soon as they die for maximum Item Discovery, which you can’t do fast enough if you finish them with a spell
– If you need to attune Sacred Oath for more power on the first hit, attune that as well, then just cast it while you’re waiting by the doorway.
– You can line them up to hit them both with a single Crystal Soul Spear then try and finish the job by hitting them both with your Hollow weapon at the same time.
– Great for PvE Playthroughs


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