Dark Souls III Vertebra Shackle (Mound-Maker Covenant) PvE Farming – Method 1

Just a quick video of another Farmed Item in PvE needed to rank up in the Mound-Maker Covenant. I made the run as quick as possible whilst still using the a Hollow +10 weapon in one hand and Crystal Sage’s Rapier in the other, at the moment of each enemy kill, for max Item Discovery in NG cycle. (In NG+ and later it’s possible to have acquired two Crystal Sage’s Rapiers, which is usually a more significant boost, depending on your Luck stat).

It just so happened in this video, I got the Shackle on the first run, but expect a grind.

I used Soul Spear to bring the Carthus Swordsman Skeleton to where 3 Church Guardian Shivs finished him off, then switched to Crystal Soul Spear to bring the Gravewarden Skeleton to where 1 Guardian Shiv finished him off.

Just be sure to switch to your +10 Hollow weapon after casting and before throwing the shiv.

Use a Rusted Coin every run.

Return with the Homeward Spell cast with the Saint-tree Bellvine for speed.

The only other necessities are the Symbol of Avarice and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3

Notes & Tips:

1. As you awake at the bonfire, you should already have your Hollow +10 out from the last run, leave it out so you can dispatch any rats which may not have been crushed by the Boulder.
2. Run from the bonfire to the bottom of the stairs. If you keep running forward to where the brick is you can draw the rats close to the boulder before rolling to your left out of its way.
3. Switch to your Rapier, Soul Arrow & Staff and Cast at the Swordsman, switch to your +10 then finish him with Shivs. Run on to the Gravewarden.
4. Switch to your Crystal Soul Spear and cast, switch to your +10 Hollow and finish him with Shivs.
5. If you want to use Miracles or Pyromancy or whatever else, test out a few combinations of Spells/Rings/Catalysts/Buffs until you get each one as close to death as possible in whatever number of casts without killing them.
6. Here I also used the 3 Magic Buffing rings, and the Court Sorcerer’s Staff +10 to cast both spells, which does less damage on my build than my Crystal Chime +5 which one-shots them both.


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