Dark Souls III Human Dregs (Aldrich Faithful Covenant) PvE Farming

This is another clip about how you can use the Crystal Sage’s Rapier & a Hollow +10 weapon.

A run takes about 90 seconds, and farms a high volume of Murkmen

I got lucky on this one and got a Dreg the first play through and didn’t have time to play through until the next one, but you can get the Idea.

Aside from Symbol of Avarice & Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3, I used the Lingering Dragon Crest Ring, I wore a Skull Ring & Sage Ring

I cast the Hidden Body with the Witchtree branch for speed, and used the White Hair Talisman for the Homeward Miracle and the Rapport Pyromancy.

Notes & Tips:
1. Cast Hidden as soon as the first summoner spawns, run down and cast Rapport on him, then cast rapport on the nearest Murkman to your left to get everyone roused up and concentrated. Switch to your Crystal Sage’s & your Hollow +10 and clear them out.
2. If there are still some on the main floor, cast another rapport on one to get them all moving
3. Clear the Caster against the wall, then the one beside the ravine & Homeward home.
4. Use Rusted Coins every time

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