Dark Souls III Secret Weapon – Tailbone Shortsword

Here is an awesome weapon I found that’s not listed in the Dark Souls 3 Wiki on FextraLife.

It’s the Tailbone Shortsword, not to be confused with Tailbone Spear. It’s actually a Dagger, and definitely the coolest Dagger in the game.

It is Upgraded with Titanite Scales, and at +4 it has Physical damage of 176 + E strength scaling and D dexterity scaling. It has a Critical Multiplier of 110, and only weighs 2.0.
It’s Weapon Art is gigantic, one of the most powerful in the game just for how it ragdolls even big enemies. It can be farmed the same way as the Tailbone Spear, except its a very rare drop from the wretches carrying this dagger, though it’s hard to see it on them.


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