Dark Souls III Sunlight Medal (Warriors of Sunlight Covenant) PvE Farming

I think most people probably ranked up to level 30 in the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant when they first arrived at Lothric Castle for Sacred Oath, then for Great Lightning Spear thinking it was as good as DS2s, I know I did.

But Farming is boring and monotonous, and don’t feel bad about not farming any covenant items til you’re further through the game when farming is quick and easy, you’ll save yourself countless hours. Also, having a lot of Covenant Items to Farm lets you switch around from item to item so you can cycle through many different enemies, locations, and strategies to keep you from getting burnt out. So, hopefully these videos help you to quickly remember the various strategies. Acquiring the Shivs and a Titanite Slab for a +10 Hollow weapon, as well as acquiring the Covetous Gold Serpent ring +3, and the Crystal Sage’s Rapier are all important farming steps. So I say just wait til you have them all and make life simple.

Farming rare drops is one reason a lot of people take long breaks from DS and some never return. Especially now that the game has been out for a while, PvP farming takes way longer, if you get summons at all, but the Souls Series are great games and I’m sure we’ll all keep playing them many times for years to come, making PvE farming basically the only farming available. Honestly, I think after the game has been out for a couple years, Covenant Item Drop Rates should be patched to drastically increase.

This Lothric Castle Knight is also an easy way to farm Titanite Chunks fairly early game.

Just as usual, find the combo of Sorcery/Miracle/Pyromancy/Dark Spells and try them out with a different combination of buff rings, catalysts, Buff Spells/Weapon Arts until a set number of casts leads him to a few Shivs til death. This method requires the shivs so you can use your Crystal Sage’s and your +10 hollow weapon, but you can just bring him to within one strike with your +10 Hollow weapon.

Also, you have to be max hollow for you to get the Discovery Bonus for using +10 Hollow weapons. There’s no reason not to play through til the end with max Hollowing for this reason in PvE. PvP builds will of course want to look good for the arena etc.

This knight is really easy to Parry & Riposte, but he switches up his attacks and its not as reliable for efficient for farming. But if you’re needing to cast several times to bring him to near death, parries are probably faster, though not as safe or reliable, and every accidental death you have adds time to every run you’ve already taken. Try to finish him as close to the bonfire as you can.

Here I’m Using Sunlight Spear cast with Crystal Chime +5, and wearing Lightning Clutch Ring, Ring of the Sun’s First Born, and Morne’s Ring, along with CGSR+3.

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