Dark Souls III Vertebra Shackle (Mound-Maker Covenant) PvE Farming – Method 2

Here is another approach to Farming Vertebra Shackles

I did use Rusted Coins in this one, and also cast Hidden, but the times seem about the same.

These two methods pair nicely, because If you get bored going one way, you can just switch and go the other way, knowing they’re almost identical.

It’s basically just the opposite direction from the run here:

Dark Souls III Vertebra Shackle (Mound-Maker Covenant) PvE Farming – Method 1

It took around 12 minutes to get the Shackle, which is really quite average most of the time, which means you can get about 5 per hour. That means you’ll be doing this fro around 6 hours to hit 30 and reach level 2 in the Covenant. Online it pretty empty nowadays. In order to keep the game viable, From Software needs to patch the PvP rate drops this much, to increase Covenant Item Drop Rates.

These drop rates are average for alot of the items in the game, the difference is you don’t need 30 Tailbone Spears. This drop rate frequency on these covenant Items I’m sure is intended to encourage PvP, but at this point it’s just punishing people who want to keep playing Souls Games. This drop rate is about the frequency of once per NG cycle in DS2, meaning you’d probably be at NG30 before you hit rank 2.


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