Dark Souls III Vertebra Shackle (Mound-Maker Covenant) PvE Farming – Method 3 (Fastest)

Well here’s the fastest way for Farming the Shackle. It can get boring though, so you can switch to the other ways. This method is about 10-15 seconds faster though. But sometimes a run might feel like there are no more drops for a long time, so it seems hitting new enemies can sometimes shake things back up a bit.

I’m one of the many players who had to take a long break from DS3, so tbh I it’s been so long since I played DS, I forgot everything about most of these areas I’ve already done, including these two enemies right behind the bonfire.

Notes & Tips:
1. Sometimes they’re farther apart so you’ll have to cast one near each of them, then go pick up the drop of the first one when it goes off.
2. Sometimes, if you walk into the hall at all, the enemy will aggro and come attack, so I cast hidden just to the corner of the hallway
3. Lingering Dragoncrest Ring is important for this run to stay hidden long enough for both Seething Chaos Orbs to Ignite
4. Using Homeward Miracle is faster than running, and you always have a pretty good chance of the boulder getting in your way if you try to run back.
5. You really only need to use the Rusted Coin every other time, but every time is fine too (one would think)

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