Dark Souls Ridiculously Low Covenant Item Drop Rate – requiring 30 drops in all per Covenant

This is the problem with Dark Souls. These ridiculously low drop rates (think DS2 once per NG cycle with all mobs cleared) were intended to force people into PvP play. currently, as the game has been out a few years, there is really no more PvP to speak of. Players have all moved on, making these items laughably hard to get. There needs to be a patch, or we simply can’t play DS3 in the future.

I spent over an hour farming these Dregs, and not a single drop. This mechanic is broken without very active PvP. I guess I’m done playing this game for good, unless they come out with a patch some day.

If you haven’t bought it, I recommend not buying it until it becomes playable in PvE with more appropriate Drop rates, unless you want to farm all 210 covenant items you need to level up in all covenants, which could easily take you 210 hours or more of the most boring farming of your life.

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