Street Fighter V QCFx2 Cancel to the Right


I’ve been playing Street Fighter since SF2 came out, (I also played SF1 a couple times, but thought it was the dumbest game I’d ever seen). I’ve spent countless hours playing most of the games since then, I have around 425 hours in SFV, and way more than that playing SFIV & USFIV, and I’ve never really needed to do the QCF x2 move to the right much.

I can do it just by itself, where speed isn’t a big thing, I just kind of go slowly while the opponent is falling or something, but not in a quick cancel from the opposite direction.

Even a LP to CA Cancel is easier than some other Characters Cancels from Certain moves, where you normal CA Cancel technique may fall short.

And I think the Shoto Cancels are pretty basic, mostly because you’re spamming the same qcf over and over again, so I think they’re much easier than some other characters

So I decided to try and up my game a bit, and get bit more serious. I play Vega (Claw) and I was trying to go from a combo that ends in Aurora Spin Edge to Bloody Rain CA, but I was having a seriously hard time doing it to the right, to the left I don’t have a problem with it.

Searching the internet, it seems a lot of people have this same problem going to the right.

I was really hoping for a shortcut, but no such luck.

I use a Square Gate RAP VX-SA Pad, this is the best pad on the market, and makes fighting Games have a really quality Arcade feel that’s just so enjoyable.

The Motion from Aurora Edge to Bloody Rain is ⬇️↙️⬅️ P⬇️↘️➡️⬇️↘️➡️P

I just wasn’t getting it, I tried several things, but it just requires a much faster input than I can do with my casual method. I’ll share what worked for me for anyone else out there still having a weak Right qcfx2

I hold the joystick just very normally, like most people when I play, and from this position I find it pretty easy to go left by just using my Index and Middle fingers in a sideways “come here” motion to the bottom left corner, making two tiny little corner circles with the joystick in the bottom left corner. It comes out without a problem, quite reliably.

For the Right side, I found the best way, for me, was to actually use the Negative Edge of the Punch Button, meaning instead of pushing the button at the right time, you release it at the right time. Negative Edge Input works on most any Special Move, pretty much anything but regular strikes.

Then, I found that if I completely Inverted my hand, so the palm is up and my wrist is tweaked to the right a bit, and the bottom section of the top left quadrant of the joystick is pressed firmly between Ring Finger and Middle Finger, against the webbing at the palm, you get a similar grip to what you have going left.

Then, the key to getting it to come out is to hold the spring to the bottom right, away from the neutral position, never letting it return to neutral so there is always some pressure towards the corner. then I open and close my Middle Finger, Ring Finger and Pinky quickly, which bounces it from forward to down, but not really fully forward or down, kind of just barely rolling over each side of the corner.

So I perform ⬇️↙️⬅️ P as usual, but I HOLD the Punch button (M or L; H can be used only on Tall Opponents), then flip my palm over and pull it to the bottom left, and flick my fingers open and closed really fast, then release the Punch button midway through the Aurora Edge animation and it comes out nicely.

So basically I’m only hitting a Punch Button once for both moves.

And it’s really important that your palm is completely facing upwards, don’t get lazy on this point, palm flat up, kind of not quite at a 45 degree angle, then open and close your fingers quickly and just throw it into the corner and the front rapidly with your ring finger. It’s like itching between your fingers quite suddenly and vigorously. You gotta make some noise with it.
The Combos I was working on were:
  • (Claw) j HK > st HP (2 hit) > M Aurora Spin Edge > Bloody Rain
  • (Claw – Near Corner) j HK > st HP (1 hit) > cr MP > Bloody Kiss Torero > H Aurora Spin Edge > M Aurora Spin Edge > Bloody Rain

Even throwing a Bloody Kiss Torero into the first one makes it a lot easier, like this:

  • (Claw) j HK > st HP (2 hit) > M Aurora Spin Edge > Bloody Kiss Torero > Bloody Rain
 But you don’t always have V trigger for sure, so you need to be able to do it in any situation, not just the easy ones.
And you’re putting quite a bit of Pressure on it. Like I never understood why the joystick also lifts up slightly, but I think it’s specifically for this move.

This is the most reliable and repeatable method I’ve found

Hope this helps.


A figured out maybe a better method:

You can press the bottom of the Joystick shaft, beneath the knob, with the top part of the middle segment of your Ring Finger to the Right, then use the bottom part of the middle section of your Middle Finger to simply tap the joystick down twice.

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