Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1 Airfryer Review & How-To


We had originally purchased the Instant Vortex 4-in-1 before I discovered this. We got this Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1 instead and just sent the 4-in1 back to Amazon before even opening it through an easy drop off at Kohl’s. They refund the money before they even send it to Amazon, we had it in just a few minutes.

The 4-in-1 looked like my idea of the airfryers on the market, which I’m not really impressed with , but just trying to use less oil.

As a Professional Chef, I used many very large Commercial Convection ovens, and I’d cook pretty much everything in them because no matter what you were cooking, it turned out better in a Convection oven, with the exception of maybe Cheesecakes or other very soft baking items that tend to get a wind-swept look in a large convection oven. If you’re not careful, they can actually end up looking like quite a dramatic wave. You could catch air off of them.

But those ovens run $10-20,000 or more. The convection ovens for your home, such as wall-mounted ones, run around $500-3,500+ such as this amazing GE. Those require full Stove Wiring and professional installation, and room we don’t have. A Convection with a Range runs even more.

You could get something like this Oster French Convection Countertop Oven, but that takes up quite a large amount of counter space.

This Breville BOV900BSS Convection and Air Fry Smart Oven is the bees knees, for sure, but at $500 it’s the same price as some full Wall-mounted Convection Appliances. Even on Sale at $350 you’re still very close to a full hard-wired appliance. But Breville is known for it’s craftsmanship and quality, and carries the hefty price tag for it. It’s also quite a bit wider, taking up more counter space.

And countertop ones can go up from there, such as this Wolf Gourmet or this VBENLEM

There are quite a list of similar ovens, like this Cuisinart TOA-65, or ones with built-in burners such as this attractive NutriChef.

However many of them are no more than a small toaster oven with a fan, while some are much bigger and lack the power or fan pressure to adequately airfry. Smaller ones are just easier to get right.

So the main reason I was looking for one was just to cook one small part of a meal in the oven, while I’m cooking other things, without having to deep fry them or turn on my gigantic oven just to heat a small bit of stuff.

Counter Space is very valuable real estate, and really I didn’t want anything which took up more room than maybe a large InstantPot, just enough to cook 2-4 cups of something for Dinner and maybe an extra lunch or two.

So, I originally went with the 4-in-1 Vortex just because it was InstantPot, and we own two InstantPots, an IP-LUX60-V3 and a LUX Mini, and we just love them, and have really been eyeing their Instant Ace Nova Plus Glass Cooking Blender.

But, as soon as I saw the 7-in-1 Vortex plus it seemed to be perfect for my needs. It has the functions of a larger Convection oven, with the open oven Glass from door, with internal light, as well as a Rotisserie Basket, which, if you know anything about Convection Ovens, is really a nice thing to have, as the whole point of having good Convection is to get as much heat to every part of the item as possible, and a rotisserie basket makes that happen far better than could normally happen.

Now, I’m vegan, and don’t need to roast meats on a spit or anything, but the same spit fork can be used to nicely cook a large marrow or other Summer squash, or even a winter squash, like Butternut or Spaghetti Squash, etc. I would imagine the Spit fork can rotate while dehydrating something like a watermelon as well. At any rate, the roasting basket is the best thing if you are trying to make fries or roasted potatoes and vegetables etc.

The Instant Vortex Plus was the only convection oven I have seen with a Rotating Rotisserie Basket.

And to be honest, fries were a big reason for us getting an airfryer. We like Sweet Potato Fries and Crispy Wedged Potatoes, Steak Fries, etc for some of our meals on occasion, so the rotating basket was a big selling point.

And with the 7-in-1 you get the dehydrating function, which the 4-in-1 doesn’t do. The other two additional function over the 4-in1 are Broil and Rotisserie.

And you get all of that for the same counter space as an InstantPot.

So, we set ours up on a wire rack shelving, on a piece of laminated countertop wood we placed on the rack.

We set off to make some Roasted Red Potato Wedges to try it out.

  • First, we ran it through the test cycle to burn everything out as you should do with any oven.
  • Then we tossed the Red potato Wedges in just enough Avocado Oil to coat them lightly without leaving oil in the bottom of the bowl. We seasoned with Garlic powder, Smoked Paprika, Italian Herbs, Parsley, Black Pepper and Kosher Salt.
  • You need to take out the two slotted sheet racks from the Oven and set aside.
    Take the drip pan out of the oven, and start cooking at 400F for 30 minutes.
  • Set the Drip pan on the counter, and put your rotisserie basket on the drip pan, and scoop all of your potatoes into the basket.
  • Put the lid on the basket and twist as far into the narrow side of the slot as it will go. the lid seems a bit loose, which worried me at first, but that is actually a good thing for when you’re trying to remove it when its very hot out of the oven.
  • Put the Lid side of the basket to the left on the pan
  • When the oven beeps that its ready (which happens fast, in less than 5 minutes), open the door
  • Set the drip pan and basket on the door
  • Use the large tool that comes with it to lift the basket up and set it on the side bars, while pushing the drip pan all the way into the back of the very bottom of the oven, just sitting on the bottom surface directly.
  • Slide the red tab by the door to move the rotating mechanism out of the way, and slide the basket all the way in, then let the lever go and rotate the basket a bit until it comes fully forward over the end of the rod.
  • Close the oven door and press the rotate button
  • You can press the light button when you want to look inside. The light automatically turns off after a while, which is nice.
  • When the Potatoes have browned well in places, hit off, or it will turn off automatically when the time is reached.


  • The potatoes were crisply on the outside, and very fluffy on the inside, just as they should be.
  • The crispy coating on the outside wasn’t oily at all, like fries normally are, and was more of a dry crispy, almost completely dry, they were really very nice.
  • The non-stick drip pan cleaned up in seconds.
  • The Stainless Steel basket was a bit hard to clean. Recommend setting it in a similarly sized pot filled with Soap and water and letting it soak, then using a brush to clean it. Scouring sponges and metal scrubbies leave small pieces stuck in the basket, so use a brush, in conjunction with a sturdy wash cloth. I suppose a dishwasher would clean it pretty well, but we prefer to wash dishes by hand, since we don’t have many.
  • A Coffee pot with the inner edge removed with a can opener was just shy of fitting due to the side brackets that hold the lid on, but a steaming pot used for steaming Laotian Rice worked perfectly for soaking the basket.
  • The trays and Drip pan are Non-stick, which is the only downside for us. You can replace the drip pan in the bottom by simply putting aluminum foil in the bottom of the oven.
  • The basket will be how we mainly use this, but the trays can also be lined with foil, or perhaps we’ll find some stainless steel ones to replace the non-stick ones.
  • The non-stick ones cool very rapidly, the stainless basket remains very hot, particularly the heavy rods on the ends, so be careful.
  • It was very quiet, MUCH more quiet than a commercial Convection oven. I could really barely notice it was on.
  • There wasn’t any smoke or anything coming out like you’d expect, it was very clean cooking.
  • Really, it gives you all the benefits of a larger convection oven, with a highly compacted size that is taller than it is wide, freeing up valuable space, while giving you plenty of room to cook quite a bit of food in there, more than we could eat in a sitting, for sure.
  • Its best to hold the top from of the oven with a hot pad while you open the door, because the oven is quite light and the door seals very tightly.
  • I really couldn’t say how much air is circulating around inside of there, it’s sealed up pretty tightly, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a very powerful vacuum happening in there, but probably just enough for its size.

Overall, we definitely recommend it, we just don’t like using non-stick stuff, and would appreciate some stainless Steel options, but the basket is stainless steel and is really the best thing to use for anything that can stand up to being rolled around.

We would have appreciated a cylinder soaking pot the basket just fits in for soaking, cleaning, and storage.

The Auto Light Off, and the Auto Oven Shut Off are nice, the Temperature and Time controls are easy enough to use, settings are all one-touch, it’s extremely easy to use.

It’s just a high-quality mini Convection Oven.

Looking forward to making many more things with this oven. For the Size and the price, it’s the best value for your money, in my opinion. It’s as good as we’ve all come to expect from InstantPot.













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