On Torrents


There seems to be some questions regarding the legality of Torrent File Sharing. I’d like to take a moment to shed some light on the subject.

There is nothing illegal about sharing or creating Torrents. Torrents aren’t illegal. That’s like saying “Files” are illegal.

There are of course illegal things you can do with Torrents, such as seeding your homemade kiddie porn or snuff films, or by sharing someone else’s CP material, etc.

But Torrents are one of the best ways for people to self-publish their own works, and reach a very wide, very targeted and very active audience looking for exactly what you have to offer; an audience who will in turn share it even further, making it even more widely available.

Torrents are great for publishing things you own or have created:

  • e-Books
  • Training & How-To Videos
  • Movies
  • Films
  • Documentaries
  • Songs
  • Musical Riffs & Loops
  • Photo Galleries
  • Software
  • Digital Tools
  • Apps
  • Audio Books
  • Cartoons
  • Artwork
  • Paintings & Drawing
  • Graphic Arts
  • 3D Renderings
  • Fonts
  • Brushes
  • Add-ons
  • Plug-ins
  • Textures
  • Backgrounds
  • Animation
  • Short Stories
  • Autobiographies
  • Genealogy & Genealogical Stories
  • History
  • Life Stories
  • Rare Event Recordings
  • Rap Battles
  • Live Performances
  • Event Recordings
  • Virtual Tours
  • Digitized Memorabilia Collections
  • Catalogs & Descriptions of Collections & Hobbies
  • etc

It’s also a great way to help spread other people’s work, such as:

  • Open-Source Stock Photo Collections
  • Open-Source Musical Scores
  • Underground Music
  • Rare Digitized Media
  • Self-Published Songs from your friends and local musicians
  • Free Artwork from your favorite local or online artists
  • Other people’s free e-Books
  • Anything anyone might want to share who is currently not Sharing on Torrent, or who you would like to help Seed.

And Torrenting is one of the only free ways to do so. Gone are the days of free web-hosting and free websites, now they’re all rife with ads and intolerable spam, and untold scams.

There are so many people who pour their blood, sweat, and tears into software, apps, music, videos, education, knowledge sharing, and services, and they offer them for free to the world, only to have to pay out of pocket ever-increasing, exorbitant prices to host them themselves online just for you.

Think of Torrents as a Public shared, and decentralized FTP server, where your specific Files get to be archived in searchable relational databases and categorized for ease of use, and listed in specific interest groups & categories. You can even seed them yourself, you can seed them from multiple machines, and even use paid remote Seedbox services to increase the Seed Rate and Availability.

Torrents are for file sharing, and data and information sharing, and for sharing with the world at large for free. There is nothing inherently illegal about them. They can be made illegal, of course, depending on where in the world you live, and under whose jurisdiction.

In America, the NSA, CIA, & FBI all work almost exclusively for corporations and the private financial interests of those with the most money, vehemently against their own people, in a tyrannical state-controlled totalitarian corporate-sponsored regime which is given its directives by those with the most money, and makes its laws to protect their profiteering stranglehold, no matter how unjust, which is then upheld by America’s biggest zealots and bigots.

Torrents are a form of Justice in such unjust regimes. It’s one of the only ways much information, books, videos and media can reach inside regimes which strictly control information in their countries. Torrents are the only means by which those people can see what goes on in the outside world, making Torrents perhaps the only means of Justice for billions of people, in such circumstances.

Most “Cracked” software or “Illegal” songs, etc, that may also be shared via Torrents, is only done so because it is the most effective means of sharing things across the internet. And most of the world is not subjugated to America’s Corporate Profit-mongering agenda, try as they may. The “Cracked” software, almost all of it, was originally simply cracked so we could get a look under the hood, protecting our investments from a growing pool of shady software not guaranteed to work on every system, not guaranteed to do what you needed it to do, and where your online payments expose you to potentially devastating ID and CC theft.

Do you know how a piece of software works that has a 7-day trial? No, and you may not get around to using it for more than 20 minutes in that time period, software that takes months of diligent work just to learn and discover it’s not at all what you need. Do you know how it works if you’ve only seen it export 10% of your project? Of course not. Have you even gotten a “free trial” when you were unable to produce anything useful from it because of limitations and watermarks, many of those limitations withheld from you until after you completed countless hours of work, in an attempt to force you into a purchase? Most definitely not, it’s very scandalous and truly shameless, wildly rampant, and goes completely unchecked.

But America isn’t concerned with any of that, they don’t care to make digital laws fair for the consumer, only for the powerful corporations. We’ve asked for decades that the Trials be fully functional for a set number of HOURS in the program, not an arbitrary number of days you’re not even likely to get to use it during; just a few hundred hours, but we’ve been flatly ignored and even endured a barrage of endless hostilities by those who are oppressing us for their own financial gain.

Would you be ok buying a car if all you got to do was peek through the window at the interior, and get to roll one of the vehicle’s Tires around the parking lot?

It would of course not be allowed in the real world, but in the digital world, where the entire generation of current lawmakers can get so far as sending an email, if they’re lucky, simply follows the whims of whomever has the most money. It’s a monumental injustice, that a few tireless, highly intelligent souls have been working to correct, people with the skills and intelligence to be easily making comfortable multi-six-figure salaries applying their skills. Cracking is, itself, an education, and done for educational purposes, for simply the challenge of it. It’s as white-hat as it gets.

Once you’ve learned the software, and make money from it, of course you buy it. Nobody doesn’t buy it who makes money from it or uses it for business. Even having university courses that teach the software in formal classroom settings wasn’t even a thing until very recently, which will cost you $45,000, which you’ll never be able to repay, and 4 years of your life, by which time everything you learned will be completely obsolete.

These companies are withholding technology and features to trickle-release them over the span of decades, and they are forcing you to keep buying them. Upgrades should be capped at no more than 20% of the original purchase price, for the life of the software. Perpetual payment systems should be illegal, and there should be mandatory Free Full Versions for any Non-Commercial Purpose.

None of that will ever happen, because nobody cares about the digital consumer. It’s all just a terrible unchecked scam controlled by the biggest and wealthiest players.

The songs you own, should be a once in a lifetime purchase. After all, when you purchase a song, you are purchasing the license to that song, regardless of device or media, but the Music Industry goes completely unchecked, and its tyrannical reign of terror is second only to Satan’s itself.

But lawmakers are all boomers, whose digital expertise ends at streaming Fox News in HD.

Fortunately there will always be those countries who stand up to America’s financial tyranny & bullying, and desire to impose their extremely one-sided protections which have no regard, care, nor concern for you, the end user. Let it be forever so.

In America, Torrents seem to be classified as illegal, just by virtue of being a torrent, which is an extreme and great evil. It’s like saying “Knowledge is illegal”. Your ISP may simply not allow you even use Torrents, which is like them not allowing you to share things with the outside world, because some American business might not be making the most money they think they could be making. It is well proven that stopping people from downloading something for free doesn’t equate to a corresponding increase in sales. It’s ludicrous to think so, and just more rampant tyranny by American’s Corporate Tools.

All the same things can be shared by email, should all email be made illegal? America’s rampant stomping rage against Torrents has severely damaged the Torrent quality and use of quality torrents in America. It has been very detrimental to the rise and survivability of quality Torrent Sharing Sites that could be of incomparable benefit to millions of Americans and people around the world wishing to share their work. Sharing their own free work so freely and easily obviously sounds like a Communist trick to the Americans, and so they have no problem killing it off along with anything else they don’t deem profitable for the wealthy. Why should you be allowed to have free access to countless free alternatives to what they desperately want you to spend money on? You’re hurting a capitalist’s profits and will therefore be targeted by the psycho maniacal American systemic destruction of freedom for profits.

America actually ends up suffering, as the rest of the world has access to this knowledge, software, and education, and most of the experts using these softwares now come from overseas, where they could learn them for free.

But Torrents are far more wide-reaching and useful for any number of great things. They are also great for the following, where copyrights are local:

  • Getting movies, films, music etc in languages from countries where America doesn’t have any control or agreements
  • Sharing between countries according to each countries own laws
  • Getting information to/from Dissidents
  • Sharing & exchanging cultural knowledge
  • Obtaining things you could in no other way obtain aside from going to that country in person.
  • Seeing things which your country may not approve of you seeing, things banned on YouTube, things which are sensitive, things which expose truths, speak truth to power, and open your mind.
  • etc

So Torrents are extremely valuable for the world at large, even for Americans, though America seems increasingly being turned into a giant AOL, ever more isolated from the rest of the internet, making everything American entitled, privileged, xenophobic, bigoted mommy-approved. It’s an extremely important Freedom that needs widespread protections from every level of government and society. We need to stop letting America’s most psychotic capitalist profit-mongers and their brain-dead zealots who love enforcing their totalitarian one-sided greedy agenda, control our country and make it’s laws with complete disregard to our freedoms, rights, liberties and who give us no voice, and ensure we see no benefit or justice, and that all things shall forever serve & worship the great monetary beast, without question.


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