The Curse of “Black Skin” & Slavery by God Upon the African People

There has been a belief amongst Christians for hundreds of years, maybe much longer, but for sure it began after Christianity landed in Europe, regarding Black people, Slavery, and God. The belief is that the first man and woman, Adam and Ever, were very white, and they populated the entire Earth. They also believe that there are only Black people upon the Earth because God Cursed Cain, a Son of Adam & Eve, and made him Black. Americans in particular, and perhaps slave-holding European countries, believe also that the same group of people from Africa were cursed to be slaves by God, according to Ham, son of Noah, and his son Canaan. Many Americans even just combine the two events, and others still yet say that the latter also came with an additional unwritten curse of Black skin as well.

All of the people saying these things are, of course, white people.

They then believe that African people, because of their curse, eventually created all of the people on the Earth who are not white, explaining the existence of Asians, Native Americans, Indigenous Central & South Americans, Middle Eastern People, Indian people, Alaskan & Russian Natives, Mediterranean People, Melanesian People, Micronesian People, Polynesian People, and so on and so on.

Let’s take a closer look at their claims & beliefs, which have justified Slavery, and treatment as less than animals, unspeakable abuses, unmeasured hatred, racism, untold injustices, malicious behavior, incarceration, and countless murders, still continuing til this day in America and other so-called “Christian” countries.

Let’s unpack things from the beginning:

In The Beginning

Eve, the first woman, partook of a forbidden type of fruit from a single forbidden tree, after she was told not to, like most humans would. Adam, the first man, then also partook of the same fruit with Eve, as most humans would. They were cast out of the Garden, knowing right from wrong, and had some kids, two of them were Cain and Abel.

Cain killed his brother, Abel, after God preferred Abel’s offering to Cain’s. Cain probably looked over and saw Abel proud and beside himself, Abel may have looked down his nose at Cain, or even shook his head with disappointment at Cain, and Cain just snapped, like probably most humans would. Were the tables turned, Abel may have killed Cain.

For the Blood of Abel which was spilled, God placed a curse on Cain, saying “And Now art thou cursed from the Earth.. When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength”

And Cain said unto God “Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me.”

And God said “Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.”

And the Lord Set a Mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.


So, Cain was cut off from the earth, we can say, from Creation. The Earth and Creation as understood from the Earth are now working against Cain.

If the mark was that his skin was changed, it was so people WOULDN’T kill him. That is to say, the Mark was for his protection from being killed by other people.

If that were the case, turning his skin BLACK would surely NOT make him somehow even safer, nor less likely to be hated by the people who found him, nor cut him off from the earth.

If, however, the Mark set upon Cain was that his skin became WHITE, perhaps nobody killed him because they were afraid of that ghastly, ghost-like appearance, or because they seemed even “better” than they did, or because the color blinded all those who gazed upon it, for about 2 days, before he just became a big red smouldering blister.

We can surmise that the mark God placed was a Skin of Whiteness on Cain to prevent people from killing him, making him look more special or cleaner or more pure-looking even.

He then went East to live in the land of Nod, which we must assume was more shady, more forested, or more mountainous and otherwise more protected from the sun.

The only skin-colored mark possible which causes a separation from the earth and creation, is having White Skin.

In fact, every other race on the planet wonders why even the Sun doesn’t like white people. How can there be a God who created the earth AND white people, and made it intolerable for them to live on?

White skin seems to fit the a curse, causing one to be cursed from the earth, unable to go out into the earth without lots of protection and cover from the now-brutal, unfriendly, and hostile sun, forcing them to seek out colder, cloudier, and more northern climates.

I really think the skin curse is pretty real here, even though it mentions nothing of skin, only cursed from the Earth. THE MARK WOULD MOST DEFINITELY BE WHITE, were there a mark of skin color.

Many Ancient Cultures View the sun as the Face or Eye of God. When Cain says “From Thy Face I shall Be Hid”, it makes perfect sense if the Mark was white skin, or a suffering from the sun.

And, white people are notoriously poor farmers. That’s why they needed to develop lots of chemicals and technology, and build lots of machinery to farm successfully, whereas most of the rest of the world can still farm and live happily by primitive, ancient methods, even today. It could explain their need for so much advanced technology over the years – The Earth just wasn’t “giving it up”, for them, was she?

Also, White people eat mostly meat. They started the Paleo Diet. Just look at all the white dudes on Instagram. They actually hate grains & vegetables and love killing things. Veganism began in ancient Eastern cultures.



Now let’s address Slavery, and the Curse of Ham.

Many of the same Christians justify Slavery of Africans by combining the story of Cain, which they call a “curse of black skin”, with the curse of Ham, as the other half of the equation, a “Curse of Slavery/Servitude”

Ham accidentally saw his father, Noah, naked doing God knows what in his tent. Because of this embarrassment, Noah said to his son Ham “Cursed be Cannan (Ham’s son), a Servant of Servants shall he be unto his brethren (Shem & Japheth). And Blessed is Shem and Canaan shall be his servant, and Japheth shall be enlarged and Canaan shall be his servant”

So, in fact, Canaan simply lost his inheritance and had to serve his brothers, possibly felate one of them. It says nothing of a skin tone, and it says nothing that Canaan will serve people other than Shem and Japheth, and it says nothing about all of Canaan’s line serving all of Shem and Japheth’s line, and certainly says nothing about all of Canaan’s line serving everyone on earth, especially not the gentiles. WTF?

So, umm nnk?

Being black ISN’T A CURSE.

It is irrefutable. Unequivocally true. Absolute truth, regardless of how White you are, how Black you are, or how Christian you claim to be.

And Neither is White Skin a CURSE. It’s a MARK, for their obvious benefit; the sunburn and shitty farming thing are the CURSE..

and that’s really something.

This is an extremely difficult truth for White Christians to come to terms with, and in order to continue hating and mistreating black people, and viewing them less than equal to white people, there has to be some severe cognitive dissonance happening.

Imagine living your life for generations believing you are the most special people on earth and everyone else is beneath you, because God cursed them because of Cain, when in fact the opposite is true, you’re a cursed people, carrying a mark for the curse laid upon Cain, and the original people were all tan,, like 90% of the earth’s current population, people who could dwell happily on the earth, enjoying life directly under the sun?

That must make your head explode, if you don’t keep busy pretending nothing is wrong with your self-serving views. Or maybe, just maybe, you already know and you just don’t care, and are just using some “Bible Feeling” as an excuse to justify Racism, Slavery and Murder to yourself

The Idea that black people are cursed by God is ingrained in nearly every white person, certainly in America since slavery began, before America was a country. it has influenced everything that has happened in America. The Mormons and Mormon leaders such as Brigham Young, who were all extremely racist and prejudicial of Black people, and who swore in their anger and their wrath and their fury and their hatred that God would never bless Black people, were all working from the fundamental white American belief and complete fallacy that black people were cursed by God, when in fact, they most definitely weren’t, nor is there anything to remotely back up such a claim anywhere in any religious text anywhere in the world.

There is, however, substantial evidence for the claim that White skin was the Mark of the Curse, conveniently swept under the rug by White Christians.

Mark or not, the Mark was clearly for their protection from harm in the earth, so the rest of the earth would not kill them when they found them, presumably because they can’t go in the sun, have to cover up their entire bodies, and have to hide under trees and rocks from the glorious heat of the day, which is the only logical Curse.

Certainly no where does it say we should hurt anyone or treat them poorly. If ANYTHING, it says everyone else might have treated them poorly, but because of the mark, the treating poorly wasn’t going to happen.

So, nowhere is there any hatred, malice, prejudice or racism in existence. This is simply White European Diaspora against Black African Diaspora, for no Godly or Good reason, whatsoever, just to be hateful, petty, hurtful, spiteful, harmful, oppressive, and racist. Pure, random, Godless evil.

And regardless of who you think God hates or curses, you treating them poorly or looking down on them or being anything but kind, friendly and helpful makes you a very shitty person.

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