Dreamweaver – Inserting Media from Files with Different Language Encodings to be Recognized in Web Plugins


When you go to Menu > Insert > Media > Plugins and create a New Media Plugin to play your *.mp3 or other media, and Preview the result in your web Browser, You get a Plugin-Failed to Load Error.


This is most likely a result of having your Media File Name in the Incorrect Encoding. And this can happen even if two different files are in the same language, where one will work and one will not, because they were created with different encodings. It can also be that one file name uses 2 different encodings.

Unicode encoding will usually throw the error in SOME, more rare languages.


Fixing the Encoding:

  • This is easiest if you have saved all of your media files to Site Root manually already.
  • Right-Click the Media File & Select “Rename”
  • Copy the File Name directly
  • Open Notepad++
  • Open a New Page
  • Go to Menu > Encoding > and First try to change the Encoding to ANSI
  • Click Save.
  • Paste your File Name into the Page
  • Click Save Again.
  • If it did not look good when you pasted it in, or it did not appear properly, such as all or part of it appearing as ???????????, or some other erroneous appearance:
    • Delete the text from the page
    • Go to Menu > Encoding > Character Sets > and select a Language Family for your Language, and then First try and select the Encoding beginning with “Windows” as the name, such as ‘Windows-1251’ or whatever it is for the language you’re in.
    • Click Save
    • Paste the Name text into the Newly-Encoded Page
    • Click Save again
    • If that encoding still doesn’t work, in the Plugin, you’ll have to keep playing around with it until you find one that works. Try any encoding where the text appears correctly. You can search the web for “[language] Charset”.
  • Copy the name after it’s been saved, by selecting the text > right-click > Copy (rather than Ctrl+C), to ensure you are properly copying the new encoding.
  • Go back to the media file, go to rename, and paste in your newly-encoded text for the name.
  • Go back into Dreamweaver and click on your Plugin
  • Under Src, I highly suggest browsing to a different media file with a completely different name first, & hitting ok, then going back to Src and Browsing to your new Media File & Selecting that, BECAUSE, it seems that Dreamweaver won’t bother updating to the new file encoding if it has the exact same name as the one with the old encoding. Unless it’s a different name than the original, then you can just select the new one directly.


If all else fails, just rename your files something in simple Romanization characters after copying them all to your Site Root Folder in one go. You can use something like Rename Master to save, delete, add, or replace only x amount of chars from beginning or end, or wherever, or something similar that will let you rename them quick and easy to keep moving.


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