Kingdom of the Fates

A Poem written for 비천무 / 飞天舞 Bichunmoo / Fei Tian Wu.

It is meant to be read melodically, with the Music above.

I’ve also turned it into a song, with a Chord Sheet at the end.


Alone, we two, not knowing what to do
Far from our love, can’t start anew.

We’ve come so far, you’ve wished upon a star
Of time apart, I bear the scar.


If we now should fall, not make it through it all
We will lie breathless, at last heeding fate’s call.

Never more to suffer at the cold dark hand of fate
We’ll dream forevermore.


I stand at the gates, within my love awaits
In the Kingdom of the Fates.

In this dream of life, that cuts us like a knife
In your arms could there be an end of strife.


The stars of fate, and armies of hate
Are standing between us, our blood will never sate.

Be swift now my sword and bring my love to me
Take all I have to give.


In our youth, so free, fate had given you to me
You were mine so easily.

Turning wheels & schemes, have shattered all our dreams
Against the world, or so it seems.


The wind carries a wail, that tells the warrior’s tale
Of love’s fleeting vision and Heroes often fail.

Destiny is calling out; our fates have all been sealed
Immovable as the stars.


Wandering the earth, a life now void of mirth
Without my love life is of little worth

To find one true friend, among the twisted hearts of men
The loyal bonds kept within, the world set forth to rend


Dense Faith, betrayed, a death must be paid
Colder than steel is the sting of treachery’s blade

True unfailing hearts are rarer still than perfect loves
With you my heart remains.


By the sword, you’ll see, we’ll soon be running free
In the Meadows of our youth we’ll be.

On that sweet day, with you I’ll laugh and play
Among the flowers in the month of May.


Am I with you there, are we free without care
or is this a dream, how would I even dare?

Be still now my love, lay beside me for a while
This dream will never end.


Kingdom of the Fates

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