Best Way to Make a Grid in Photoshop

Annotation 2020-04-06 085146

  • Select the Line tool
  • Set your Stroke Color, Weight and Line Type etc
  • You can either freehand your grid, as you like, or you can set up a grid to follow:
    • Go to Edit > Preferences > Guides, Grid & Slices
    • Select your Gridline whatever size you want them and click ok
  • Draw the first & topmost Horizontal Line, zoom in to max zoom and lay it exactly on the gridline, if following a gridline
  • Draw the first and leftmost Vertical gridline, zoom all the way in and lay it exactly on the gridline display, if using.
  • Select the top horizontal line and hit Ctrl+Alt+T, zoom all the way in to the next gridline down, and hit the down arrow until it’s exactly over the next gridline down (you may have to select the layer after zooming to get it moving)
  • Hit Enter
  • Zoom back out
  • Hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z repeatedly until you have completed all your Horizontal lines and reached the bottom
  • Repeat the above steps with your Vertical Line, until you’ve completed your grid
  • This uses the same step & repeat method explained in more detail here

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