How to Download All Proposed Files or Certain File Types from SourceForge Project Pages

Here my method for downloading all of the Contributed, Proposed, Open or Closed Tickets etc from a SourceForge FOSS Project

I used this for SweetHome3D to quickly download all of the specific Models & Textures from all the Tickets Proposed.

  • Open a New Firefox Window
  • Download & Install the Extension “DownThemAll!”
  • Open any page and click on the “DownThemAll! button and download anything to your computer
  • Open your Last Download File Location, which should be your Downloads Folder in you C:/User location, which seems to be the only location it can be saved to
  • Select all the files in the downloads folder, & cut them to a new folder called “old downloads” or something, to make dealing with your project files simpler.
  • In “DownThemAll!” Preferences, on the General Tab, be sure “When a File Exists > Rename” is selected
  • On the Filters Tab, click “Add New” at the bottom, as set the following:
    • For ‘Filter-Label’, type the name of your Project, like SweetHome3D etc
    • For Filter-Expression, type all of the desired file extensions you want to download, or which might exist, such as I used: *.sh3d, *.sh3f, *.sh3p, *.png, *.jpg, *.obj, *.mtl, *.zip, *.rar, *.7z, *.3ds, *.dae,
    • For File Types, just select “Link Filter”
  • Click “Create Filter”
  • Close Preferences
  • Download & Install the Firefox Extension “Snap Links Plus”
  • Go to your Sourceforge Project page with all the tickets or files etc
  • Click “Showing” and set it to the max 250 results per page
  • If possible, rotate your monitor Vertically, & set the Display to Vertical, to get more rows on the screen
  • Zoom out as far as possible, it’s ok if it’s too small to read
  • Hit F11 to maximize screen space
  • Scroll so the first link is at the very top of the browser
  • Right-click and drag with Snaplinks down through the very first few letters of the names of every link in the list all the way to the bottom
  • All the Links will Automatically open in Tabs
  • Before you do anything else, grab the current tab with the list and drag it out to create a new window with it
  • Go back to all the open tabs, and wait a bit for them all to load, if needed
  • Move your cursor up to the top or hit F11 again, and click on the “DownThemAll!” icon, then select “DownThemAll! – All Tabs”
  • Be sure the Project Filter you created earlier is selected
  • Scroll down to make sure all the files you want are highlighted in red
  • Click Download
  • “DownThemAll!” will have opened a new tab at the end far right of all the other tabs, click the tab to the left of it (the last tab that was opened by SnapLinks), and look at the file name & remember it (or you can just write it down)
  • In your new Window with the original list, zoom in until you can read the file names and find the name or number of that last tab
  • Use Left-Click to highlight the Next Link below that one
  • With the link highlighted, scroll all the way out until you can’t read it anymore, but can still see the highlighted link
  • Hit F11 and Scroll so the highlighted link is at the very top
  • Right-Click drag down through the entire list again to as far as you can
  • Repeat the process until everything in the list has been downloaded
  • Put all of the Downloaded files into a new Folder
  • Repeat the entire process on Closed Tickets, or any other category of Project File you wish to Download

For SweetHome3D, here are the Models and the Plugins


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