My Blender Preferences


Blender Preferences are some of the most confusing and conflicting out there. It can be hard to settle on a good method for use.

Here’s where I’ll put my most important Blender Interface Preferences, that make it what I feel is the easiest to get things done for people coming from Graphic Design backgrounds.


  • Search OSC and Select it to Activate it


  • Orbit & Pan > Orbit around selection
  • Zoom > Zoom to Mouse Position
  • Fly & Walk > View navigation > Fly


  • Select with > Right
  • Spacebar Action > Tools
  • 3D View > 3D View (Global) > Rotate View > Spacebar
  • 3D View > 3D View (Global) > Pan View > Ctrl Spacebar
  • Search for ‘Object Context Menu’ > set as Ctrl Right Mouse


  • Keymap > Window > Toolbar > set as Middle Mouse Button

Custom Shortcuts:

  • Go to Menu > Edit > Preferences > Keymap > 3D View > Object Mode > 3D View Tool: Transform
  • Click “+ Add New”
  • Expand “none”
  • Type “object.align” in the “none” field
  • Select the Modifier Keys you wish to use, such as Ctrl & Alt
  • Click on the “A”, and then hit the “X” key
  • In the “X Y Z” buttons, select the X button
  • Select “Align Mode” set to “Centers”
  • Re-Select “High Quality”
  • Change the “Relative To” option to “Selection”
  • Create two more just like that one, except Select Y & then Z for them, and give the Shortcut button of Y & Z, respectively
  • You can then repeat this 3 shortcut XYZ process with other ‘Relative To’ options, if you need to, such as for Source Origin, 3D Cursor, or Active, choosing different Modifiers for each set of ‘Relative To’ XYZ shortcuts

Be sure to go to Keymap > Export to save all of your settings


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