Downloading Multiple Magnet Links from Multiple Tabs in Tor Onion Browser


Sometimes you may have more than one tab open with more than one Magnet Link you need to find and use to access the desired Files provided, or to check the integrity of your own files you’ve provided, or to download a complete free database of ebooks or research papers on a certain subject, etc.

Here’s a Quick & Easy Workflow solution:

  • In TorBrowser, Search & Find the Add-on “CopyLinks++” & Install it
  • Right-Click the Extension Icon and click “Open Options”
  • Set “Copy Links From” to “Current Window”
  • Set “Link Types” to “Magnet”
  • Open all of the tabs you need with the Magnet Links you need
  • Click the CopyLinks++ icon in the Menu Bar
  • Each Link will be copied onto a separate line
  • Open your Client, and click “New”
  • The List should populate from your clipboard, or you can just paste it where needed & hit download or ok etc


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