Book Binding

Tools and Materials Sheets of paper for binding into a book Bone folder StudioTac double-sided adhesive Heavyweight papers for end pages Pencil Jade glue Paint brush Headband tape Craft knife Binder's board (acid-free) Book canvas Iron-on transfer paper (optional) Binding a Book How-To 1. Collect all the sheets of paper you wish to bind into … Continue reading Book Binding

DIY Guitar/ Instrument Cases

Making your own custom Cases for Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, or other instruments that are hard to find cases for, etc Things you need: Outer shell fabric, thick nylon with rubberized water-proof undercoating Inner Lining Fabric, a very thin silky nylon White Plastic Foam Padding, double thickness, about 1 cm thick Heavy-Duty Zipper, 10cm longer than … Continue reading DIY Guitar/ Instrument Cases