AIFF to Wav or MP3 Conversion

AIFF Files are created when you use an Apple Macintosh Computer to rip audio from a CD They dont play on most players, and are not easily converted by most conversion programs Here's how to Convert them: Open Quicktime Pro Click: File>New Player Method 1: Drag an AIFF file to the New Player stage Drag … Continue reading AIFF to Wav or MP3 Conversion

Reading Mac Disks on Windows

How to Read CD's and DVD's formatted for Apple Macintosh Computers with your Windows-based PC Computer Download the software called ISO Buster Install then Run the Program Then load the Apple Disk into your PC's Drive Then select the Disk in the IsoBuster Program Then Copy the contents from the DVD Disk to your Hard … Continue reading Reading Mac Disks on Windows

Host File Editing in Mac OSX Lion+ and Previous Versions

OSX 10.7 Lion+: Utilities>Terminal>New Terminal Window: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts Move cursor to end and enter to get an extra blank line of space Append your new mappings (e.g. - Local Host) Hit Ctrl+O to save Hit Enter to select name on bottom Hit Ctrl+X to close the editor Flush Cache: sudo dscacheutil -flushcache Restart … Continue reading Host File Editing in Mac OSX Lion+ and Previous Versions