The Curse of “Black Skin” & Slavery by God Upon the African People

There has been a belief amongst Christians for hundreds of years, maybe much longer, but for sure it began after Christianity landed in Europe, regarding Black people, Slavery, and God. The belief is that the first man and woman, Adam and Ever, were very white, and they populated the entire Earth. They also believe that … Continue reading The Curse of “Black Skin” & Slavery by God Upon the African People

On Torrents

There seems to be some questions regarding the legality of Torrent File Sharing. I'd like to take a moment to shed some light on the subject. There is nothing illegal about sharing or creating Torrents. Torrents aren't illegal. That's like saying "Files" are illegal. There are of course illegal things you can do with Torrents, … Continue reading On Torrents

Vietnam to 2019 – America’s Shifty Sentiments

During Vietnam, a large percentage of Americans were strongly against America's campaign in the war. Those who weren't fall into two categories: 1.) People who were afraid due to falling victim to the Anti-Communist campaign launched by the America's wealthy elite capitalists & profiteers controlling government and needing for Americans to view anything which isn't … Continue reading Vietnam to 2019 – America’s Shifty Sentiments

On Political Correctness

We always hear complaints about Political Correctness hindering Free Speech, and attacking Political Correctness is a Standard stance of people who feel they are being oppressed. However, the entire reason for Political Correctness is to stop oppression, harrasment, bullying, belittling, racism, bigotry, misogyny, etc. The main two groups involved are ususally the Liberals on one … Continue reading On Political Correctness

Constitutionality of Gun Laws vs the Right to Bear Arms – Gun Control & the Morality of Firearms

This is written in response to the thousands of deaths by firearms every year, to those who champion Gun Ownership and Gun Rights as Inalienable 2nd Amendment Rights. Guns are used to Kill 40,000 Americans per year, that's like every person in Coachella, California dying from a gun each year. 2012 - 33,563 gun deaths … Continue reading Constitutionality of Gun Laws vs the Right to Bear Arms – Gun Control & the Morality of Firearms


Braven The cold hard sting of the naked chosen stone; Felled, now, to the ground, and left there all alone. Into the heart of mother earth, the sweet life force now seeping. Timeless echo in distant wind; Rain now felt as weeping. Just or not, thus subjective; Fates, alas, bespoken. Fury rumbles deep within; Vengeance … Continue reading Braven

Confederate Monuments: Art & Culture or American Anti-Culture

Should Confederate Monuments of the Southern United States, erected to extol Southern Leaders of the anti-U.S. Confederacy decades after their failed coup and ultimate demise, be protected, defended, preserved or even cherished? Should they be held as "Art" pieces worth anything more than a Statue of Hitler in Germany or Israel, a statue of a … Continue reading Confederate Monuments: Art & Culture or American Anti-Culture

The Real America

America was created by people fleeing the Extremist Religious Persecution in England, to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam they, whilst hiding in exile, they learned of the importance of liberty, freedom, tolerance, acceptance, open-mindedness, and how important it was to treat each other as equal and with respect, regardless of their differences in religion, personal beliefs, culture … Continue reading The Real America