Communism vs Socialism vs Capitalism

Communism vs Socialism vs Capitalism

This is written to clarify the difference between these systems & ideologies, and to help cut through the political agendas that drive their definitions in education and the media in societies which use them to promote fear and to attack their enemies.

The road from Communism, Continue reading “Communism vs Socialism vs Capitalism”


American Taxes – The Grand Scheme

Taxes in America are a scheme of the wealthiest people in America to put the entire burden of tax revenue on those who are not wealthy enough to be above paying taxes.

Donald Trump, for example, doesn’t need to pay taxes.  He knows how to get away with not paying a single dollar to taxes.  Not a single dollar of his billions of dollars goes towards the roads, freeways, schools, parks, Continue reading “American Taxes – The Grand Scheme”