Polyamory vs Polyfidelity

Polyamory is a term meaning More than one love (Greek Poly = Multiple + Latin Amor = Love). It's probably more accurate to use it to refer to 'one who has many lovers'. But a lot of people have multiple simultaneous lovers and they aren't Polyamorous, why is that? In fact, it's quite common to … Continue reading Polyamory vs Polyfidelity

Kalani’s View of America

Note: This is an Essay I wrote for a Job in Salt Lake City, Utah in early 2016, at a place where they require applicants to write their view of America in a short essay; this of course in hopes that they are in line with the ultra-conservative Republican alt-right which is the norm and … Continue reading Kalani’s View of America

Blending Modes, Blending Options, & Knockouts in Photoshop

Blending Modes Normal & Dissolve: Normal - Image effected only by opacity Dissolve - Dithered /Jagged Edges - Chops Anti-Aliasing into individual pixels - Smooth Transitions changed into Noisy Transitions for Scattered Spots Darkening Modes: Darken - If pixel in active layer is darker than the pixel directly behind it, then you see that dark … Continue reading Blending Modes, Blending Options, & Knockouts in Photoshop