Jewelry Pickling Pot

Things you need: Pickler Pot - can hold at 180 F or 80 C, Such as: A Small Crock-Pot, with Lid (can be found at Jusco or other appliance places for only 40-70 rmb) White Ceramic Slow-cooker, with Lid Glass Slow-Cooker, with Lid Small Electrical Potpourri Heating Pot, with Lid, or home-made lid Other special … Continue reading Jewelry Pickling Pot

Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone The voice of the mountain is calling my name; I see her in the shadows, She is glad that I came. The rain on her body refreshes her claim, She lies bare on the mountain, without any shame. Her voice is the waters and the wind in the trees, She makes her … Continue reading Romancing the Stone