DIY Guitar/ Instrument Cases

Making your own custom Cases for Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, or other instruments that are hard to find cases for, etc Things you need: Outer shell fabric, thick nylon with rubberized water-proof undercoating Inner Lining Fabric, a very thin silky nylon White Plastic Foam Padding, double thickness, about 1 cm thick Heavy-Duty Zipper, 10cm longer than … Continue reading DIY Guitar/ Instrument Cases

Kalani’s Complete Chord Formation & Scales Chart

Look in the left column to find out which notes you will play for the section. The Purple Color Corresponds to the entire section's colors for each chord labeled at the top of each column. Columns are alternated Red & Blue for easier viewing. Darker & Lighter Colors in each columns are also for ease … Continue reading Kalani’s Complete Chord Formation & Scales Chart