The Curse of “Black Skin” & Slavery by God Upon the African People

There has been a belief amongst Christians for hundreds of years, maybe much longer, but for sure it began after Christianity landed in Europe, regarding Black people, Slavery, and God. The belief is that the first man and woman, Adam and Ever, were very white, and they populated the entire Earth. They also believe that … Continue reading The Curse of “Black Skin” & Slavery by God Upon the African People

Dread Locks & Cultural Appropriation

I've been in the midst of some very heated debate on quite a few examples of things happening recently from the way stars dress to music to hairstyles that just really set people off about Cultural Appropriation. One of the biggest debates was centered on Dread Locks. African Americans often believe that other people should … Continue reading Dread Locks & Cultural Appropriation


Braven The cold hard sting of the naked chosen stone; Felled, now, to the ground, and left there all alone. Into the heart of mother earth, the sweet life force now seeping. Timeless echo in distant wind; Rain now felt as weeping. Just or not, thus subjective; Fates, alas, bespoken. Fury rumbles deep within; Vengeance … Continue reading Braven