Testing for Paint Types – Latex or Oil-based

Test for which paint type is on a surface by spraying a small amount of Acetone-based Fingernail Polish remover on a part of the surface, it will quickly remove latex but not remove oil-based paints you can repaint an Oil-based paint surface with Oil-based paint, and a latex-based surface with latex-based paint, but not latex … Continue reading Testing for Paint Types – Latex or Oil-based

Airbrush Paints & Airbrush Painting

There are many kinds of paints that can be used with Airbrushes.. Basically, if its thin enough, fine enough, & smooth enough, then you can use it in your airbrush.. a good way to think of it, is that an airbrush sprays Milk, and anything you spray should have the look, feel & viscosity of … Continue reading Airbrush Paints & Airbrush Painting